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    Bulk Buying

    Message sent.
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    Bulk Buying

    I sent the message to your PM
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    Bulk Buying

    Hey guys, It seemed kind of challenging to reach out to all the sources individually. I would like to know if any of the sources offer bulk buying and discounts associated with it. B.A.
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    Pharmalady Specials Request

    Modafinil PLEASE lol
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    Modafinil Protocol

    Hey guys, Wanted to know if anyone of you have a particular protocol you use for Modafinil or just go based on how you feel. Suggestions and thoughts?
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    Pharma Lady Bio-Trope Bloodwork HGH Results

    What is your daily dosage?
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    first Sarm cycle suggestions

    Thanks for the great suggestion Dylan. I will definitely consider this cycle as it seems very simple.
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    first Sarm cycle suggestions

    Hey guys, Its been some time I've been on here. Good to be back. I'm interested in a simple but very effective first sarm cycle (cost efficient if possible), something along the lines of gaining some lean mass with some strength. What SARMS and their dosages would you suggest and the duration to...
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    Hyaluronic acid

    I'm referring to the product "Dr. Tony Huge" had/have (I'm not sure what is going on with his online store).
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    Hyaluronic acid

    Hey guys, have any of you used hyaluronic acid for increased muscle size?
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    TRT and Prostate cancer

    It's a shame that those are the words of a doctor.
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    TRT and Prostate cancer

    I'm seeking this knowledge for my father by the way, not for me. Unfortunately, the doctors here (Trinidad and Tobago) aren't very open minded. Hence the reason I wanted to be well equipped with the knowledge when I do decide to have that talk with them for my father and to also be able to...
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    TRT and Prostate cancer

    Hey guys, I need someone knowledgeable to explain the risks of TRT and the increase chance of developing prostate cancer in men greater than their 40's, and the steps involved in reducing the chances. Also, the blood tests that needs to be done and anything along those lines to monitoring...
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    Modafinil Review anyone?

    Hey Ram, how does the shipping work? like which company handles the shipping? for eg. Fedex, DHL? and is it D2D shipping?
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    Modafinil Review anyone?

    Hey guys, Hope all the bros out there are doing well. I was hoping to get an updated modafinil review from PL Please share away, include some pictures if you have any.
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    Is this a fake site ?

    Just stick with the sources from here buddy. Haven't tried it myself but from what I've seen you can't go wrong
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    Pharma Lady: First Time Purchase of Gear

    I second this! let's see that gear.
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    If you place an order with a source

    Cant really see how you can disagree with something like this mate. Better it being said though. I'm new to here, however, it seems slightly common sense now.
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    Lab results mid cycle

    What week is the best time to check?
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    Do you try to get rid of the blood that's in the syringe to?
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