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    Poppin my cherry

    Ill get a caliper tomorrow and check where I?m at exactly I just gave 20% as a loose estimate. I have some ab definition but definitely need to lean out more. Bloods are cool and my bp is in check I check it regularly.
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    Poppin my cherry

    I appreciate it Dylan. I was thinking the test would aid in burning off some fat while building muscle.
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    Lazy and Psychic Questions will no longer be answered...

    Dude I?m guilty of the same thing lol I just didn?t know the laws of the land.
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    Poppin my cherry

    This week I will starting my 1st cycle. I?ve experimented with SARMS (mk2866, LGD and RAD) but wasn?t impressed by those compounds nor am I 100% convinced that they are safer than gear. I decided to step things and run a test cycle and see how things go. My protocol will be 300 mg a week of...
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    S23 Explained: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Good to see you back at a Dylan!
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    Approved OSGear - Your Trusted Anabolic Store! - Feedback & Reviews

    What?s your average shipping time? I?ve been waiting on an order for almost 2 weeks now.
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