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    Peptides to help heal after knee surgery!

    Thanks guys for all the info! Tomorrow will be 4 weeks post op. My doc can't believe how fast I'm healing since I had the worst knee repair of his career! The physical therapist won't let me push it until 6 weeks, but I can do everything in there protocol pretty easily. I ended up running...
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    Peptides to help heal after knee surgery!

    Hey brothers, I recently tore my quad tendon and some other damage to my knee that is requiring surgery next week. I ordered some peptides to help heal quicker. Igf-1 des, mgf, tb500 and hpc-157. I chose the Des over lr3 so I won't have to worry about timing with the mgf, that is also why I...
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    Ghrp & ghrh combos

    I just finished my first order of cjc-1295 no Dac and ghrp-2. I ran 100mcg of each in the am and before bed. I know post work out is also a good time, but I didn't quite no how to work it in with being fasted of no carbs pre injection. My question: there are a ton of Ghrh's and Ghrh's out...
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