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    Sarm advice please

    Hell yea. Yea it’s easy for me to get to 12% and yes I’m in the USA. I have the HC products just not the nova thanks for the reply man. Anyone care to shed some advice
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    Sarm advice please

    Jacob McCain 28Years old 6ft 220lbs Current 18%bf Taking (started NOV29) rad140 (25mg-am) Mk2866 (25-am) LDG (10-am) Taking as a bulk/strength then PCT and a cutting cycle. I canÂ’t seem to find where to buy the clinic or nova. I know now that I SHOULD have bought that when I got the...
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    Welcome/Introduction Thread

    hey new here trying to find my way around Age 28 Height 6' Weight 210 Body fat % 13 Years of training: 10 Complete cycle history: rad140/yk11 8 weeks took a 2 month off and currently taking rad 140, my2866, & LGD 4033 PCT for each cycle: HC regenerate Goals: I want to dead 500, squat 405x5...
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