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  1. Carmel cowboy

    Robo Spring Cycle

    What’s up Buddha!!! Just read through your log and looks like your killing it brother!! Can’t wait to see you blood results!! Sorry haven’t been around much but had to take care of fam!!
  2. Carmel cowboy

    My Testosterone is low

    Definetly go see a doc!! Have you used anything that would surpress you?
  3. Carmel cowboy

    What do you think of my cycle?

    In my opinion I would definetly run ricks pct layout, I would also switch to aromasin like cb mentioned especially with 500mg of Test and using dbol. You also need to get some caber to hv on hand for prolactin control with deca. I would get blood work done around week 6 or 7 and make sure your...
  4. Carmel cowboy

    Question about first cycle

    Nutrition is the key factor!! If you losing weight but it’s slow and steady I wouldn’t change much. If your weight is sticking for longer then 2 weeks then a change needs to be made. Even if the quality of nutrients is good you need to look at making changes to the amounts!! In some cases people...
  5. Carmel cowboy

    Can coming off cycle make you emotionally like a woman.

    Depending on the quality of the sarms you ran it could be estrogen related as well! You may feel like your pct is going great but I would get bloodwork done just to make sure everything is within range. If you not knowingly took a prohormone it could effect your hormones in a greater way then...
  6. Carmel cowboy

    Question about first cycle

    As CB mentioned get your body fat down before running a cycle! Focus on nutrition and find what works best for you to cut your body fat as that will be valuable info in the future!
  7. Carmel cowboy

    Transformation Recomposition

    Always be hungry brother but recognize your success as well!
  8. Carmel cowboy

    Transformation Recomposition

    Great job Jeff!!!
  9. Carmel cowboy

    Liver Blood Work

    Yes there are several factors that can effect alt and ast results. One of the most significant is the use of orals without protection so it depends what your cycle was prior to pct. another factor that can after your liver enzymes is weight training, here is an interesting article to read...
  10. Carmel cowboy

    Trt with no AI?

    Everyone will respond differently to each dose and yes your response can change over time. Your bloodwork is everything to make sure your within range. How you feel is important but doesn’t always indicate where your levels are at.
  11. Carmel cowboy

    Test e, tren e and mast correct dosage

    What up Moe welcome to isarms!! To answer your question there is no ideal dose and everybody will respond differently to each compound. I suggest you start with tren ace if this is you first run with tren to assess tolerance cause it’s a very harsh compound. Another thing I would suggest is that...
  12. Carmel cowboy

    Robo Spring Cycle

    What’s up Buddha, I know you have run 6 cycles and understand your body but for me test at 500mg and masteron at 600mg and aromasin at 12.5mg eod had my estrogen right in the high 20 range so just make sure you monitor that with your mid cycle blood work. If I ran test at 300mg and masteron at...
  13. Carmel cowboy

    Dealing with personal issues

    I appreciate all of your prayers and thoughts!! Thank you!! It’s not easy but it’s not about me right now it’s about my mom, siblings, my brother’s wife and kids!!! I feel their pain deep in my heart! Thank you God bless!!
  14. Carmel cowboy

    Dealing with personal issues

    I just wanted to say sorry about not posting much but my brother passed away in a car accident! I will be back strong next week!
  15. Carmel cowboy

    question about PCT

    Your welcome brother! I am not familiar with the perfect pct from evo so if you can post what your plan is everyone can make sure your covered!
  16. Carmel cowboy

    Locking threads

    I agree 100% Dangans!! One of the main reasons I love this comminuity is exactly what you wrote, it’s about health first!!
  17. Carmel cowboy

    question about PCT

    Yes and post your pct to make sure it’s complete.
  18. Carmel cowboy

    question about PCT

    What’s up Kimmy, first pct is the most important part of the cycle and glad your asking questions to make sure you fully understand. 1) aromasin should be continued through the two weeks that your waiting for test to clear. You do not want to experience estrogen rebound. 2) I don’t know what...
  19. Carmel cowboy

    Stupid or not ?

    I think you get the message so I am not going keep repeating what everyone has said. The most effective way to administer testosterone or deca is by intramuscular injections. There are creams and gel that some docs prescribe but if you read most of the reviews are negative in comparison to...
  20. Carmel cowboy

    Good quality Sarms and affordable price

    Make sure you only run the mk2866 for 4 weeks as it may start to cause some mild suppression and you don’t want any suppression during pct. I personally wouldn’t use s4 in pct.