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  1. Carmel cowboy

    Dealing with personal issues

    I just wanted to say sorry about not posting much but my brother passed away in a car accident! I will be back strong next week!
  2. Carmel cowboy

    CC's Post CT log

    What's up isarms family, first I would like to thank Dylan for considering me to use his product and give an honest review. I am in no way affiliated with Dylan or his business my review will based solely off of my experience and what blood work proves. I hope that this log helps and if I am...
  3. Carmel cowboy

    Vitamin D and its relation to hypogonadism

    I have read studies in the past of the importance of vitamin D for test production especially in the winter time. I always try to up my vitamin D supplementation during pct but like most things in the human body it's about finding balance. Here is an interesting study about vitamin D and how...
  4. Carmel cowboy


    I have been doing some research on IGF-1 and hgh. My question for everyone is their experience with using IGF-1. How many mcg did you use? What time of day did you take dose? What were your results? Did you have any side effects? If used while on cycle what was your cycle? Common side effects...
  5. Carmel cowboy

    EQ -vs- Primo

    What's up isarms family, I am planning my next cycle which won't be until late feb-early march. I have run EQ in my last two cycles at 800mg/wk and get great results with it. The endurance and vascularity is amazing. I have never used Primo. I am looking for everyone's opinion and experience...
  6. Carmel cowboy

    Interesting info

    As many on here may know I am a big believer in the power and influence of the mind. I wrote a little bit about myself in my CC's next level log about how I have been taught through martial arts and my spiritual upbringing to look inward to maximize my physical ability. I have read books back in...
  7. Carmel cowboy

    Mid cycle blood work

    Mid cycle blood work. Pinning schedule is as follows Test cyp- 150mg eod Eq-180mg eod NPP-100mg eod Mast prop-100mg eod Aromasin-12.5mg eod Proviron- 50mg per day Caber- my last run with deca at 400mg/week my prolactin was low with .25mg 2xs a week. I decided to start with no caber till...
  8. Carmel cowboy

    CC's Next Level Log

    First off would like to say thank you to Titan, MGP and Roids 24 for their generous gifts for the transformation contest. All 3 offer great customer service and great communication. Thank you for your generosity it is appreciated! I was originally suppose to start this cycle on may 21st but...
  9. Carmel cowboy

    Peak week and AAS

    I have no experience with peak week while using AAS. From the guys that I know who compete they all have their own way which I know should be the case. My question is what have the guys or girls on here done for that crisp, dry grainy look during peak week while using AAS? I have a plan that I...
  10. Carmel cowboy

    I am hungry

    The transformation contest has left me hungry for more!!! The contest has lit the competitive fire inside me and I am excited to get back on stage!! I plan to compete October or November of 2018. There is a national qualifier in my area every oct/nov. this year it is November 4th but wanted to...
  11. Carmel cowboy

    Sarms recomp stack or non surpressive sarms like GW and SR?

    So my question is, like the intro, should I run a sarms recomp or non surpressive sarms? After my last test deca Eq cycle with a tbol kick start I ran a 8 week pct. pct was clomid, nolva, mk2866 (for 4 weeks), GW. At the 6 week mark after my last dose of pct I had blood work and my TT was 150...
  12. Carmel cowboy

    Elevated liver enzymes need some advice!

    Some of my blood work came back. My ast was 64u/l and alt was 76u/l. I am trying to figure out the slight elevation. I am 6 weeks post pct. and I don't drink alcohol. The only thing I think of is I take 2 ibuprofen and 2 sleep aid every night. Doc left me a message saying he scheduled a...
  13. Carmel cowboy

    Interesting studies on side effects trt,untreated low test and alternative treatment!po=37.9032 Interesting and first studies I have read that discusses SARMS as alternative treatment.
  14. Carmel cowboy

    Opinions for upcoming lean bulk cycle

    Need some opinions on upcoming cycle. My last day of a 8 week pct was Jan 5th. I will be starting my sarms bridge after doctors appointment so bridge will last a couple weeks after transformation contest and will transition right into next cycle after a 4 week mini pct. my dilemma is what cycle...
  15. Carmel cowboy

    Carmel Cowboy Transformation Log

    What's up isarms family! The reason I entered the transformation contest is I think this family is amazing and I wanted to take this opportunity to get to know more members as well as everyone get to know me. I don't do much with social media and this is my first time taking part in anything on...
  16. Carmel cowboy

    Getting doc to monitor health on cycle

    Have a physical coming up with my primary care and was wondering if anyone has been open and honest about using AAS with their doc? Other then hearing the negative side effects what else could he say? Looking to have an open discussion to help with getting monitored on and off cycle! Private med...
  17. Carmel cowboy

    Upcoming cycle

    Hey Everyone just wanted to get everyone's opinion on an upcoming contest prep cycle. The first half of the cycle goal is lean mass. My plan is test cyp 300-500mg/wk, deca 300mg/wk, EQ 800mg/wk, Tbol 50-60mg/day for 6 weeks. Aromasin 12.5mg eod Caber .5mg e3d Sr9009 30mg/day Gw 20mg/day. CEL...
  18. Carmel cowboy


    Has anyone ordered from pharmacomstore and if you did how long did it take you to receive email back?
  19. Carmel cowboy


    First off I would like to thank rick and Dylan for all their help setting up sarms bridge and next cycle. The sarms bridge is going great dropping body fat while maintaining gains!! Couldn't ask for anything more from the bridge!! My question for everyone is about human growth hormone. I am...
  20. Carmel cowboy

    Help with bridge after pct

    Hello everyone I need some help creating a bridge between cycles. I am on week 3 of pct. My pct is clomid 50/50/25/25, nolvedex 40/20/20/20, aromasin 12.5mg eod, mk2866 25mg, GW [email protected] After week 4 of pct do I take a week or 2 off or could I start a sarms stack? If so which ones? My goal...