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    Looking for legit Anavar

    Message Phurious. He may be able to work something out.
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    PHURIOUS PHARMA TRNE/TNE - 1st impressions

    I use to pin it ED as well. Works great. Favorite thing to do was to put 1cc of suspension in with 1 cc of tprop/tne. looks like a lava lamp and hits you fast and then it has some hang time while the oils being absorbed.
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    Please clear the air gentlemen, people really want to understand:

    LMFAO, oh shit... you made me have mega flashbacks... You remember how sick that was when it came out??[/quote Oh yeah LOL, that was the shit when it came out. I'm a hip hop nerd and as much as it pains me to say it, Nelly - Country Grammar was a solid album. Had some bangers for sure.
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    Please clear the air gentlemen, people really want to understand:

    Sipping bub, getting perved and getting dubbed Daps and hugs, mean mugs and shoulder shrugs
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    Please clear the air gentlemen, people really want to understand:

    Behold........ For I am Pimp Juice Extreme.
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    Please clear the air gentlemen, people really want to understand:

    LOL would never put something into my body called PIMP JUICE EXTREME. Phurious you need to make boner pill called BONER FUEL EXTREME, sounds pretty.... Extreme?
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    Your daily supplemental intake...

    20mg Tamoxifen Citrate ED .5mg Arimidex Vermodje ED Saw Palmetto (For Prostrate) Hawthorne Berries (Helps keep blood pressure in check) NAC (potent antioxidant beneficial to liver) Fish Oil COQ10 (heart) Garlic (heart) Red Yeast Rice extract (cholesterol) That's all I take.
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    metro piller

    lol Those reviews are pretty much fake and the garbage he does send out isn't sterile. There have been many instances of abscess from Hulk Body. He actually just ran off with over 50,000$ in cash and said his site was hacked. Coincidence? I don't believe in such things.
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    Phurious Pharma - introduces sustanon's little brother. Tp/tpp

    Currently using the TPP. Smooth as butter. To me this is the perfect blend if you like prop but want to take a break from pinning everyday LOL. Also works great with a 3x week pinning schedule of tren storm.
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    metro piller

    The only place I'll order from thats in russia is ARLRussia, as it's super cheap and always arrives. But there are some legitimate places that do ask you to send money to that part of the world and ship Domestic US. I imagine these sources being ran by organized crime LOL. Two of these that come...
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    Phurious Pharma Bloodwork

    Take it for what it's worth since I'm a rep. But a friend of mine in real life was running the old 100mg prop 50mg NE blend @ 1cc a day and and his bloods came back at over 5000. I'm on TPP right now with tren storm and am already looking freaky vascularity wise. Veins on top of veins LOL, also...
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    INTERPOL issues global alert for 2.4-dinitrophenol (DNP)

    People will hate but I don't really care. I use DNP and have used DNP in the past. I'm actually on DNP right now LOL. Great drug when used THE RIGHT WAY. There is a lot of misconception and taboo about it but I've used it more then five times in the past 4 years. You look like total shit when...
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    For you stim junkies....

    I really like Locked and Loaded 187 by Geared Up nutrition. Has synephrine, methyl synephrine, 1,3 DMAA (methylhexinamine) and caffeine. Really really works very well. Strong stim factor to it and it makes your balls shrink up like when you take adderall or other heavy stims.
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    Negative. I have both Viagra and Cialis (non research) and I get these side effects from neither. If you would have read my other post you would see that I switched from pharma grade pramipexole to research prami. Happens to me with both... My nose gets stuffy, I get drowsy, that's just how it...
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    I take .5mg of pramipexole daily. I usually use pharma but evolutionpeptides prami is on point and I feel that it's dosed accurately (2mg per ml). But if Pramipexole doesn't make my nose stuffy.... Anyone else have this problem? I can barely breath through my nose after I take it.
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    Phurious in transit

    750mg into Tren storm and already looking fuller and having the most insane fucked up vivid dreams one can have LOL Seriously crazy crazy lucid dreams.
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    Phurious in transit

    By all means please do not forget to post them! We encourage people to get blood drawn and post results. When you post them if you could also post what ester or blend it was and how long the bloods were taken after last pin that would be great and very much appreciated!
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    Just started my blast at a gram of tren storm per week LOL. Inb4 that enanthate builds up and I can't walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for air.
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    Tren Storm is no joke... Phurious Delivers

    Not sure to be honest. He mentions something about cycling testosterone in fluctuating doses but I haven't looked into it as much as I should. I know when going into a show on the day of the show it's best to have as little test in your body as possible to look as dry as you possibly can. For...
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