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    Never tried this, but I heard it has lot of beneficial uses for diarhhea, cough, depression and anxiety
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    Hey akabigbaba. depends on why you want to use it, it is efficient for those points Anxiety. Cough. Depression. Diabetes. Diarrhea. High blood pressure. Pain. Withdrawal from heroin, morphine, and other opioid drugs. Other conditions. hopefully it helps.
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    Tren Bloat?

    Wow, I am so happy you fixed your issue bro. I will make sure to add this on my notes, to add more carbs while on tren.
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    Hi bro, I really don't want to dissapoint you but if you're 24 years old, don't even consider roids. It will ruin your body. Go for gym and for natural muscle for now.
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    Ai? Really?

    Exactly. And most of the times people are sorry for that. So better have your blood work checked and be safe rather than sorry.
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    MK677 (Nutrobal) Esarms Update and Other News!

    Awesome content Dylan. I never used MK677, but I needed to know more about it!
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    Ostarine As Pct After LGD Cycle

    How is going now? Your progresses should appear brother.
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    Hcg a blast and cruise question

    I never took hcg for such a long time bro. Why did you kept so long on it?
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    Crazy strong research chemicals??

    I am sticked to esarms. You got coupons codes, you got high quality and shipping over US. What's more needed?
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    TRT Sustanon

    Thank you very much Dylan for poiniting all out. I was sure to do it once every 10 days too, that's what I heard its good. But I will trust you.
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    GW on Bulk

    Pretty sure you can add GW on every cycle bro.
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    Does Dylan Gemelli even lift?? Open to find out...

    You look good as a vlogger I would say bro! Your gym looks good as gold though!
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    Food porn thread!!!! Show me yours I’ll show U mine!

    Bro that's a sexy plate right there. I always hop to the bio restaurant right near my gym, man it's a blessing to have it, they have delicious food, quite expensive but bio and it's worth it.
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    Sweet Spot Steroid Dosing: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Great video bro, I learn a lot thru your content!
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    Quick sarms question! Please.

    That's definitely not esarms brother. YOu have always to be sure where you order your products, you need quality!
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    LEGIT SARMS and Hair Loss

    Sarms definitely has less % on that of happening, but roids have a big %. Sarms is just better quality. But you can prevent it
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    Bodybuilder Paul Bashi Pleads No Contest to Steroid Possession and Attempted Murder

    I had an old friend who was taking dbol, he would go crazy mad sometimes, like this guy lol
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    Quick sarms question! Please.

    Wow man. That's a long time to be taking MK677. Have you finally found esarms? It should be available for canada, try contacting support
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    AI - Aromasin or?

    Dylan got you covered. Litereally covered everything how to find the best cycle for everyone, and that's so right!
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