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    Buddha in the mix - 1-Stop Domestic Shop

    Looking for price list test and tren
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    Thanks Gus what auxiliaries and post should I have on hand
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    So just watched a video from Dylan G We’re can I get real primobolin… Geo
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    Vitamin B6

    What are the benefits of taking Vitamin B6 during of after after cycle. Geo
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    Umbrella Labs SARMS Shred Log with Dylan Gemelli!

    What swarms from this company would you recommend, I am on trt 200 mg a week wanting to gain lean muscle with out having to use tren . Geo
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    Next cycle, replace orals with what. Eq/Deca?

    I’m ready to try warms , I’ve done teen with test cyp I got a little weird at night trying to sleep and breath a bit. I’m looking foreword to the next cycle.,I still want to use test cyp 300mg a week looking for additional compound to gain some lean muscle any suggestions
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    MENT Cycle

    What would good compounds for adding muscle that doesn’t aromatize quickly
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    With out a lot of side effects?
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    Is would that be something to worth adding ..I take 250 mg test cyp once a week
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    Tren to Test Ratio

    How to contact domestic supply
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    What’s the 500
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    Has anyone tried this combo and if so what were your results. TMT
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    Buddha in the mix - 1-Stop Domestic Shop

    I tried to get the wicker app for my iPhone I get stuck at the log in
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    domestic and non domestic cost

    i wonder why some gear sent non domestically are far cheaper than say domestic gear ???
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    Gear blends

    Hello getting for robos Deca and test blend. Has anyone had experiance with blends.
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    advice please tren ace test enanthate cycle

    Thanks, what do you think about test and primoblin.
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    advice please tren ace test enanthate cycle

    Have i chose the wrong compounds Does any one have other suggestions for other compounds not looking to be a mass monster but more of the athletic classic physic i am older the less stress on the body the better. geo
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    advice please tren ace test enanthate cycle

    what AI is recommended i always went by how i felt not the best way but i never pushed it
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    advice please tren ace test enanthate cycle

    yes i have two prev cycles leaned the hard way about dosing will use lower dose for me less sides no cough but i do sweat a little insomnia but all and all tolorable
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