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  1. P order & shipping

    Thanks for that, have you tried beetroot and trimetazidine with card and sr.
  2. P order & shipping

    Thanks dylan umbrellalabs confirm some code below excited to take this. BTW should I take this both with meal I mean the card.
  3. P order & shipping

    Finally I received the product dylan but it just label both holy water idk what is SR011 and Cardarine
  4. P order & shipping

    Massive thanks dylan. Gives me more hope
  5. P order & shipping

    Btw i just received email from them i have to wait for additional days this week of if still not arrived they will resend the item. But im negotiating them of they can send it through dhl im willing to shoulder additional expense. Hopefully
  6. P order & shipping

    Does anyone here tried to buy sarms in from Philippines. So I tried to buy GW and SR a month ago I still didn't receive the item. I have the tracking which departed Departed from TOKYO, JAPAN last September 12, 2022, 5:32 pm and until now I still didn't receive the parcel. I...
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    Where to buy SARMS in Philippines

    Thanks dylan, how about stacking gw+sr9011+ITPP?
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    Where to buy SARMS in Philippines

    can I put my SR 20mg to my water bottle and zipped it through out the day? will it be that effective?
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    Where to buy SARMS in Philippines

    Thanks again, but my concern is that the last part or 3rd doses may affect my sleep?
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    Where to buy SARMS in Philippines

    Thanks Dylan ordered mine. Just want to ask regarding sr9011 can i take whole dose once per day
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    Where to buy SARMS in Philippines

    Hi dylan/others I'm new to this forum, also new to SARMS and planning to buy cardarine and SR for testing/experiment, I want to know where to buy good and pure quality of these two products. I tried but seems that they don't ship anymore to PH, I can't continue my...
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