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    Anxiety help

    Thanks guys. I have quit caffeine & hopefully it passes. If it persists in a week I will bow my head & take Dylan's advice. but I love this sport & will always continue to improve myself.
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    Anxiety help

    Age 30 Height 5' 7" Weight 167 Years of training 3 years natural First cycle test P 100mg EOD, aromasin 12.5 mg EOD. 3 weeks in. Supplements Omega 3, D3, Amino blend Carb cycling, low carb on pinned days. I overcame anxiety about three years ago around when I started training. This is my...
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    The VIDEO YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!! Why Oral Only Cycles are Horrible!!

    Sent this to my buddy who's running anavar & trying to have me do his stupidity. I'll wait until I watch all the videos & read more of the forum until I run my first cycle. Thank you guys this forum saved my life literally I almost destroyed myself & didn't know it.
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    Information request for a newbie about starting

    What is the cheapest way to get a blood test/panel? If there is a video on this already please send a link I scrolled through playlists galore but kept getting distracted by all the other very useful information. Also I would like to know how to understand the panel. So I have to do blood work...
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