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    Just a reminder. We got Saizen HGH guys.. domestic.

    Interested in details good sir.
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    Robo Hits a Home Run Again!!

    Interested. Can I receive a PM for info please?
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    S4, Cardarine, MK677 Cut

    Haha I love the analogy. For whatever reason I thought 8 weeks was a good length. I’ll be sure to draw it out to 12. Thank you sir.
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    S4, Cardarine, MK677 Cut

    I am aware of how MK677 should be run. I have about 6 years of experience with AAS and have run most compounds known to man. I should’ve specified that I am only new to sarms and don’t know much about how to properly stack them with AAS. Seems to be quite different than just stacking an oral...
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    S4, Cardarine, MK677 Cut

    So you wouldn’t even bother running it just 8 weeks? Also what’s your opinion on adding test? My plan was to go directly from the 8 week cut to an 8 week “bulk” of test+NPP. Thanks for the response!
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    S4, Cardarine, MK677 Cut

    They come in 10mg caps. Isn’t a common dose 25mg? I figured overshooting it by 5mg wouldn’t be catastrophic. So I have a close friend who actually runs a supplement store and sells hardcore supplements within it. He gets all of his supplements 3rd party tested by an independent lab. He takes the...
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    S4, Cardarine, MK677 Cut

    Hey guys new to the forum. Thank you for introducing me Dylan. I’ll try to not make this too long, but would love some opinions. I was clean since January of this year until about June I did 8 weeks of Ostarine and Cardarine together and I just did a 4 week PCT with arimidex (don’t think I even...
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    Question regarding S4

    Hello Dylan, First and foremost thank you for your YouTube videos I’m a big fan. I wanted to ask you a question regarding S4. I’ve read on AAS forums that using SARMS on top of testosterone doesn’t make much sense, but I don’t know if I believe that. Wouldn’t there be a stacking benefit to...
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