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    EQ 12 Weeks..

    True however deca is a 19-nor which has its own sides. Personal preference either way. And yes, 12 weeks is ok for EQ
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    Is this overkill?

    You can do a cycle or you can cruise but you can't do both at the same time. Good ancillaries but won't matter at that length of time, bloods wrecked
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    Got bloods back today

    Privatemdlabs make sure the testosterone test is uncapped
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    Test and Anavar

    In addition to what Dylan said we need cycle experience also
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    Can Sustanon be injected SubQ as other steroids for TRT

    You could but for best long term absorption especially larger doses, intramuscular is best
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    First Cycle

    A first cycle should only consist of test to evaluate how your individual body reacts to the base male hormone in larger than therapeutic doses (a cycle). Save the exotic stuff for later cycles. 400-500mg/wk 10-12 weeks only
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    Bloods help

    What's your cycle? 10mg...?
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    What?s with the hold up?

    You have nothing to worry about except out a few vials. Plenty of seizures happen without a letter. But if they wanted to get you they wouldn't just seize it and do nothing for months. Besides they don't even care about a random dude getting a few vials so don't worry Take the loss and move on.
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    Sources that accept PayPal?

    Coinbase are like Nazis, I would use an exchange that links to your bank account then transfer it to a storage device like a Trezor.
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