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    Spring Break Sale is Live! 25% off!

    Ordered on Friday, received on Monday. Amazing customer service. Let the cycle begin!
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    BPC-157 questions

    Than you Dylan!
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    BPC-157 questions

    Guys, a training partner of mine (40 years old, fitness professional) is having knee replacement surgery and is looking for supplements that can aid in the healing process. I suggested that BPC-157 might be something to consider but I know nothing about peptides. I DO know that there is a...
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    A complete guide to understanding peptides: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Great video Dylan. I was going to ask for something like this. I'm looking forward to drilling down in future videos and adding peptides to my next stack with the forum's help.
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    Don't be like me

    Don't wait until four days before the end of your cycle to double check if you still have a bottle of Nolva left over from your last PCT (I didn't). But if you are like me then make sure you order from sarms 4 sale because you will have a smartly packaged bottle delivered by 2nd Day priority...
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    How to use RAD140: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Oh man, so great to see you back on the Tube! Subscribed! Looking forward to a lot of quality content.
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    Self administered TRT?

    Still only purple after nearly 11 years. It's true, technique and timing are the answer but I still get muscled a lot by the young bucks and it's frustrating. I've had to change schools a couple of times for various reasons so getting my purple belt from Marcelo Garcia nearly six years ago was...
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    Self administered TRT?

    Well I just do everything that we all know is recommended. Green leafy veggies, fish and red meat. Heavy compound weightlifting movements. Plenty of sleep (especially the last few months). As much sex with young women as I can get (afford, lol). Hard, violent grappling for three hours a week...
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    Self administered TRT?

    As for diet, I worked a 16 hour intermittent fast for nearly two years and was at least a couple percent leaner. That fell apart during quarantine. I dropped 25 lbs seven years ago and, for me, the quick way to a caloric deficit is to make at least one meal a day a big salad. Greg Doucette does...
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    Self administered TRT?

    Thanks for the feedback guys! This forum is an amazing resource. I should mention that I owned a CrossFit affiliate for four years until August so I do a lot of olympic lifting (I did half an hour of c&j's @75% bodyweight this morning) and traditional body building weightlifting in addition to...
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    Self administered TRT?

    Ok, give me your best guess. Thanks in advance.
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    Self administered TRT?

    To be clear, I could definitely stand to lean out a little and a caloric deficit is a great idea. I rolled for (9) six minute rounds at jiu jitsu tonight and weighed 146.8 afterwards on a 5'5" frame. I'm on weight to compete at light feather! I will post a pic and would be grateful for your...
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    Self administered TRT?

    What's a good bf% to target? To be honest I don't feel I'm carrying much fat. I should probably get a real bf test. I just don't trust the Renpho...
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    Self administered TRT?

    Thanks buddha. My bullshit bathroom Renpho scale says 14% but I suspect I'm closer to 20.
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    Self administered TRT?

    Guys, thank you for all the help in the past with my RAD-140, GW cycles. I am 57 years old and 150 lbs. and tired of getting a daily beat down from 25 year olds on the jiu jitsu mats. I have all of the symptoms of low T with one exception, actual low T. I went to a local office of a national...
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    Army Ranger School

    Hey, plenty of guys make it through without enhancement. I think the general concensus of this board (from what I've seen) is that, at 20 years old, the excellent program you have is sufficient. Weight room, chow hall and rack time are the holy trinity. And take care of your feet! Best of luck...
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    mild supression/ED on MK-677 + RAD140 cycle

    Yeah I was getting hard ons like a teenager on my RAD-140 (sarms4sale) cycle. Now I'm back to getting them like a 57 year old. Another month to next cycle!
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    My Cycle/Stack: GW-501516, SR-9009, RAD-140, MK-2866

    What's your MK-2866 dosage? Just got mine from Sarms 4 sale to use in my PCT.
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    DGA dose question

    Thank you.
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