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    A Vent by The 44: Fuck your pm smartass

    "I'm your fucking daddy bitch".. yes this is amazing.
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    New to the Site

    welcome take some time and get to know everyone some great advice on this board
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    Gym Playlist: What are you listening to?

    parkway drive. as I lay dying. old avenged sevenfold. that type if stuff
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    Serious PIP question.

    mine quad was warm as well anyway you can load up a picture for us to get a better look at it.. it's prob no big deal. mine had me freaking o was like what am I going to tell the doc what am I going to do
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    Serious PIP question.

    last cycle I had my right quad swell up about twice the size of my left couldn't walk around without limping and was bright red.. I was scared shit less it was infected it was like that for 4 days i told my self if no improvement by tomorrow I'm going to the clinic woke up the next day and...
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    Tbol blood work question.

    I'm sorry you misunderstood me.. I'm saying on cycle bloods I'm running TBOL Test E and EQ.. TBOL being the kicker. I plan on getting blood work done week 4 I'm saying at 60mg ED should I be expecting the TBOL to elevate my testosterone levels on the blood test.. thanks
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    Tbol blood work question.

    This may be a stupid question sorry if it is. But would TBOL show up on a hormone blood test under testosterone? Thanks in advance for any answers
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    steroids for fat guy?

    WOW I feel like this has to be a troll cause absolutely everything your saying bro sounds idiotic... if your not a troll your going to end up fucking your self up.. I messed around with pro hormones at 18 and now my natural test is fucked... if you fat how about you learn to fucking diet and...
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    steroid cycle help

    first of all your first cycle should ALAWYS be Test only... Tren is a very harsh compound and is for experienced users.. also I believe you need to train for a couple more years atleast natural before you take AAS you clearly haven't done enough research to even think about taking them.. ml and...
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    Outtakes and Bloopers

    I would enjoy this as well!! cmon Dylan!!
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    steroid cycle and pct

    Wow who advised you to use this cycle and PCT. I don't know where to start EQ at only 10 weeks low mg... that did absolutely nothing three compounds on your first cycle. That's a terrible idea and your PCT is just awful you need to do more research and understand what you're doing to your body...
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    SARMS during a test-e, dbol kickstart cycle

    first cycle would be best to go with test only then add more compounds in later cycles
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    hcg post pct help

    I think you need to research and learn more about AAS before you take anything... HCG should not be ran during PCT it should be ran before..
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    The 44 Product Review: Federal Pharma Superdrol

    Your reviews are the shit dude keep them coming
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    MGP Touch Down

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    FIRST CYLCLE EVER - i got tren only to use

    22 years old first cycle tren only.. there's so much going wrong here don't take anything bro just dont
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    Nolvadex and chlomid

    pct screwed up your vision?? what were you taking that your pct is for? your not being very clear.. we need more info
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    Starting blast after being sick

    personally I would hold off untill your feeling 100%.. from there your G2G
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    need good source for syringe and needles please, thanks
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    test injection timing

    I do Mondays around 530 am and Thursdays around Noon works for me..
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