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    First cycle

    You are clueless bub. I'd get my diet in check before resorting to aas.
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    Dbol first cycle 17 year old

    And another one goes on hrt at 25
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    Test 400

    If you choose to run such a concentration I've found loading the barrel with b12 tends to make the pip a little more tolerable
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    Cycling Orals on PCT

    Agree... a typical trt dose is around 100-125mg. You're putting unnecessary stress on the organs doing anything higher do you run anything for organ support.
  5. J

    A little help

    Good luck I've tried and failed miserably as well. Best of luck to you
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    18 year old Need Help

    Brother you are still a pup enjoy the gym set some goals achieve them then set some more. You'll be surprised how much you can achieve without enhancement . It may not be my place to say but you'll regret not putting in the time and just jumping to peds
  7. J

    New here

    Thank you all I greatly appreciate the welcome
  8. J

    Pct help

    Thank you I will
  9. J

    New here

    Thank you brother.
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    New here

    Id like to start by introducing myself I'm James. I apologize i did ask for pct advise prior to the introduction. I meant no disrespect 29yo 5'10" 240lbs 15% bf 2 cycles a year since age 26 10yrs in the gym I'm just here to learn and take any helpful advice I can get I'm very appreciative of.
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    Pct help

    Thank you I appreciate the guidance
  12. J

    Pct help

    I'll be starting a 12 week cycle tomorrow 500 test E (1-12) Tbol (1-5) I'm going to run 500mcg a week of hcg along side of 12.5mg of aromasin every 4 days. What would be the best pct protocol I've cycled in the past just during pct my sex drive crashes. Any and all advice is appreciated.
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    [email protected] price list please

    [email protected] price list please
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    Price list please [email protected] are you a domestic source

    Price list please [email protected] are you a domestic source
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