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    you dont really need the clen there
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    Use HCG for the last 4 weeks of your cycle and you'll see great results! Cheers.
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    mk677 and dextrose

    Listen to what Dylan has to say. This man is very knowledgeable.
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    Don't make these post cycle therapy mistakes!: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Good video Dylan! Thanks for answering some of my questions.
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    How long for CBC to return to normal?

    You should be checking your blood very often. Good luck!
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    Trt and sarms

    This is totally fine. I've done this once before and I've never had a problem
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    Where to order SARMS - UK

    I think esarms is UK. I may be mistaken.
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    steroid review videos

    Definitely look at Dylan's channel! He has good information.
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    Test E/Deca cycle, need advice.

    I think this cycle will work well for 50% of people. Good luck man!
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    Liverpool Council Concerned About Budget Cuts for Steroid Harm Reduction

    Good article & good read! Thanks for posting this man.
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    Dylan Gemelli Youtube Channel

    I subscribed about an hour ago! I hope you keep making content man! <3
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    Does anyone have experience with Magnalone XR?

    I would not recommend this! It sounds dangerous man, good luck!
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    Good sarms recomp?

    no harm in substituting lgd good luck man!
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    Blood work - Pct

    I hope you learned something from this man, good luck with your future gains!
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    drawing hgh question

    Yeah, that's it man. It's not hard, just simple maths. Good luck!
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    Bulking stack

    Oh, this actually answered one of my questions. Thanks again Dylan.
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    Thoughts on My Blood Work

    I think your T levels need some improvement. Good luck!
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    AI - Aromasin or?

    Yeah, the bloodwork is the part that matters. Good luck man!
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    Dylan I need help!

    I agree that 6 weeks is the minimum amount of time you should dedicate. Good luck man!
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    Different PCT advice vs Dylan's

    This was a very interesting read. Thanks for the debate guys!
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