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    First lgd cycle, with pre bloods

    27M - 6’1 - 202lbs - 19-21%BF Week 1-8 10mg lgd-4033 Week 1-16 10mg mk667 Week 4-8 6,25mg Enclomiphene (test base) Week 8-16 10mg GW501516 Pre bloods Test 13,3 nmol/L Test free 0,34 nmol/L LH 5,5 IU/L FSH 4,3 IU/L Estrogen 0,09 nmol/L Prolactin 170IU/L SHBG 30 nmol/L Looking to do my first...
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    Frist time sarms cycle

    Been doing low dose steroid cycle in the past, Looking forward to trying sarms, and i have planned this cycle put: 12 weeks Ostarine 10mg ED LGD 8mg ED S4 25mg ED I am looking to gain around 20-25lbs mass, over a 1 year period, and i would like to kickstart it off with this. My questions...
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    Feedback on complete cycle, excel picture inside !

    Well third or second cycle, ive done a cycle with 500mg test only, har to stop after 4 weeks for personal reasons, did full pct after that. Then some Months after that i did a 12 weeks 500mg test e cycle.
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    Feedback on complete cycle, excel picture inside !

    Need some feedback on this cycle i just put together 22 years old 81kg 12-16% BF Third Cycle My goal is to lean bulk with this cycle and another in autumn 2017 Then a cutting in the start of february/march 2018 with and cutting cycle in the start of spring 2018. [/B]
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