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    Plantar Wartz

    well... 3 options ... freeze it, put acid on it... or go to the doc and they will cut it out.... they seldom just go away on there own.... but you need to address it as soon as possible... imo
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    LGD water retention

    hows your BP bro?.... drink a Ton of water and take some extra potassium... Isn't the daily recommendation like 4700 mg a day for a normal male.... So do you feel like your hitting that mark?........ also ... your dosing 10mg/day?... or are you going a bit higher?
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    Rad140 vs Lgd4033

    lgd for sure.... just watch the sodium.... take a little more potassium as well... and lots of water!
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    2 months out!!! UPDATE

    Look Badass... keep the pace!
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    Peptide Cream's

    I did a transdermal cream back in 2005 w/ pro hormones... not sure with peptides... IMO.. probably not going to work because you can't even shake a bottle of peptides without damaging the can't even squirt the water directly on the peptide either. so if you think about it.. how...
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    Peptide Cream's

    I'm getting a pretty good reaction with a 100mcg GHRP 2 & 100mcg CJC No dac while taking 1mg CJC w/Dac for the week. I'll see in the next few weeks. I've been completely away from lifting/supplements for approx 5 months so its going to be a good trial... Its either gonna happen or not.. 244...
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    Peptide Cream's

    I'm using several and they seem to be working very well
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    NEW DGA Promotions!!

    Your missing Buy 1 Get 1/2 price on 2nd.... lol
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    Is Dwane Johnson (The Rock) Natural???

    but he stated that he used steroids in HS for football...
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    Law enforcement and testing for gear?

    A long time ago in the military ... An Airman told me he put a pin (tac) in his shoe and passed a polygraph.he stated he pressed on the pin when answering all the questions. the guy got busted on a P test... so back then the only way to challenge a positive test was a polygraph... we all seen...
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    First cycle

    Yep!..... been lifting for 44 years.. just started experimenting with sarms and now peptides for the last 2 yrs, so approx 42 years naturally... but looking my teens i was 6.1' 165lbs... and as life progressed in mid 20s (1986)I remember 185lbs.... then mid 30s.(1997). I broke 200 by...
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    Stacking : Stenabolic 9009 / Cardarine / Mk677

    Wait for it................ :cool: lol
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    Crazy idea... but it might work!!

    Seems to really mess with me when drinking it... even when I put it in oatmeal........the protein is myotein isolate..... the casine type protein works fine for me now..... when I use to take the myotein... after about 20 minutes... I'l have this back flank pain for hours.... I've cut down my...
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    Crazy idea... but it might work!!

    haha... in a way .... I was just clowning... but Im definitely going to feed them the protein before it expires...
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    Crazy idea... but it might work!!

    So... I have some extra sarms MK 2866/lgd/S4 on hand and like 3 10lb tubs of protein.... the real nice protein..... they're micro filtering some of these proteins for quicker absorption/uptake..... my problem is rushing my 1 kidney so fast.... its puts pressure on my flank.. so I can't drink...
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    Rotator cuff surgery

    TB 500 peptide bro... like 4mg a week for a few weeks/month then like 5mg /month for maintenance ... you should see marked improvement in the first couple of weeks... if that shit don't do anything.. I would go back to the doc
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    PCOS and SARMS?

    MK is for your GH pulse so thats not going to mess with your test i would assume....RAD140... not sure with a female but in a male it will knock your natural test down just a bit until you PCT.... your almost in unchartered waters... PCOS female rad140.etc... you should look at GW and MK 2866...
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    Female Figure Competitor New To SARMS *Please Help*

    this happened to me on my 1st cycle... I had a rapid weight gain on my first ever cycle... like 17lbs in 3 1/2 weeks.... keep your potassium level up, drink a shit ton of water.... plus.. is that Clen?? i'd drop that like a hot potato... that mix MK and Clen to me is dangerous...
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