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    Pharmalady Shipping Option

    Pahrmaladyrep I am sending you a PM about an order
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    Pharmalady December Specials

    I sent in all my information friday and have not heard back from anyone?
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    Vicon Gear

    Well I can officially report that I have no PIP for my first 2ml injection. Not even the slightest amount of soreness and I typically get a little soreness when i go over 1.5ml of anything. Sorry some of the pictures are upside down I tried to reload but same result.
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    Vicon Gear

    I am already mid cycle and needed more Cyp I will get to the tren on my next cycle when I cut down. I am about to order a few more things. I will post a review after I dose up and let everyone know If there is any PIP, I have been looking for something domestic and the cost was...
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    Vicon Gear

    got my gear today here are some pics
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