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  1. m555zma

    Sarms or Gear advice

    I've been using gear for years and love it. But I don't look forward to pinning all the time, and I can't stand donating blood. Does Sarms product results very close to anabolics? I don't compete or anything, so I don't care about a hairs difference in results. Also, does Sarms also...
  2. m555zma

    Donating post cycle

    Does blood donation have to be done immediately post cycle? For the past 8 years of using, I've donated immediately after the cycle. But I've been busy the past 1.5 weeks and haven't had a chance yet, and I'm worried about thickening of the blood. I will be able to go in within a week.. So...
  3. m555zma

    Extending a Cycle or Not...

    No. And I've changed my mind. I'm going to end the 12 weeks early and end with an 8 week test cycle. Now I only need to take off 8 weeks
  4. m555zma

    Pinnacle Performance FAST SERVICE

    Super fast shipping and excellent service. Look at that Liquid Gold Tren👍
  5. m555zma

    Extending a Cycle or Not...

    Guys. My 12 week test cyp cycle of 350mg/week is ending soon (just test, nothing else). However, my Tren from Pinnacle Labs jury arrived!! I really want to add on 8 weeks of tren, but I really should follow the rules and donate blood and cruise for 12 weeks first at 100mg test/week.. Would...
  6. m555zma

    Payment Options..

    Have you used their gear before? Was it up there with pinnacle, pharmalady, etc.?
  7. m555zma

    Payment Options..

    This is not a complaint guys.. Just an honest question. Why don't all the sources accept electronic payment such as Venmo or Zelle?? It would be so much more convenient... * It would serve as proof for both the forum member and source that funds were sent and received * Sources wouldn't have...
  8. m555zma

    Approved ⭐️Pinnacle Performance⭐️ (USA DOMESTIC) - Official Thread 1-Stop Domestic Shop🇺🇸

    I've had this source before. It was incredible/Very Strong. About to order again soon for tren (I've never had Pinnacles tren). I'm sure it's good
  9. m555zma

    Approved OSGear - Your Trusted Anabolic Store! - Feedback & Reviews

    What cycle did you buy from them? How were the results...
  10. m555zma

    Test Booster

    I'm taking a break from gear for a while. I heard that N2Generate is a good test booster. Where are you guys finding this stuff? I googled it; nothing came up. Amazon search, also nothing. If its not in production anymore, what other test boosters do you guys recommend? (Currently I'm running...
  11. m555zma

    2 Harsh Compounds Together..

    You mean tren doesn't go well with dbol?? Why not
  12. m555zma

    2 Harsh Compounds Together..

    My goal is straight MASS. I know tren isn't ideal for bulking, but it's so anabolic, so I'm curious how it would be during a bulk..
  13. m555zma

    2 Harsh Compounds Together..

    I'll do 350 and match the tren
  14. m555zma

    2 Harsh Compounds Together..

    Good input. Maybe I'll consider using lower test
  15. m555zma

    2 Harsh Compounds Together..

    I'm getting ready to run tren with dbol at the same time.. I've been using gear for 8 years now, but I've never run 2 dominant compounds together, so I'm a bit nervous. Who had tried this stack, and was it good or overwhelming?.. 30mg/day dbol (4 weeks) 500mg/week test cyp (8 weeks)...
  16. m555zma

    Looking for advice

    Mass gainers are pumped with maltodexdrin, which is an empty carbohydrate... might want to bulk on something with nutrients like potatoes, rice, pasta, etc.
  17. m555zma


    Have you tried this source before? Any feedback would be great
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