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    SARMs and peptides together

    They work well together. I’d throw in some MK677 and MK2866 aswell if your battling an injury they both have very good healing properties
  2. FL1025

    Customer Appreciation Logger Opportunity! Please read for more info!

    Excellent opportunity, I’ll throw my name in the hat
  3. FL1025

    SARMS GELS! A new innovation from Sarms4Sale! Coming Soon!!

    Nice, I’ll absolutely be trying these. Yea man definitely post the info up when you get it if you will.
  4. FL1025

    SARMS GELS! A new innovation from Sarms4Sale! Coming Soon!!

    Awesome I look forward to seeing The results from these
  5. FL1025

    Help a Veteran Get Back in Shape (Stack Advice for a Beginner)

    I like Dylan’s stack he recommended, I’d also suggest you get a full hormone panel ran aswell to see if you need TRT especially if you’ve ever experienced a TBI
  6. FL1025

    10 miles per day…

    Awesome man, your logging some Cam Hanes level mileage
  7. FL1025

    Hair loss

    The best blast for me to limit hair loss and to still make gains is low dose test(200-300mg)EQ 600mg and 300mg NPP a week. Additionally you should look into Ketoconozole shampoo, azalic acid cream and derma rolling
  8. FL1025

    OSGEAR Touchdown!!

    Yea man no problem.
  9. FL1025

    OSGEAR Touchdown!!

    Hey fellas just an update to the cycle, I?m about 3 1/2 weeks in on the Orals and Test Haven?t been on here much the last couple of weeks have been catching up on lost work due to Covid. I am def feeling the Adrol, I was on prescription test Cyp prior to starting this run, last shot of the...
  10. FL1025

    MK677 cycling?

    I?ve read some research that Berberine will negate the Insulin sensitivity sides on MK677
  11. FL1025

    Fearless - Check out my office

    Awesome man, Congrats. I like the look of that
  12. FL1025

    Stuck in Customs COVID

    Customs is severely slowed down right now due to covid
  13. FL1025

    OSGEAR Touchdown!!

    Oh no doubt man, I?m starting the orals and test on Friday. For everybody else check out that contest
  14. FL1025

    OSGEAR Touchdown!!

    Hey fellas, so I won a contest a few weeks ago for some OSGear. Just wanted to give a quick rundown of my experience with them so far. Once I placed my order I continued to get updates on the chat feature on their website which was actually pretty convenient. The total ship time was right at...
  15. FL1025

    Side effects after Stopping Cycle cold turkey

    I?d get full bloodwork done. I?d be willing to bet your cortisol levels are extremely high and probably one of the culprits if your test and estrogen levels are within range
  16. FL1025

    Gym Closing. Continue Cycle?

    I?d probably continue on man, here?s some resources for body weight workouts you can use
  17. FL1025

    My Gym closed til further notice.

    Yea mine closed aswell. It gave me an excuse to go ahead and get a home gym
  18. FL1025

    PCT and AI Products Coming Soon

    Nice, I?ll be looking forward to that
  19. FL1025

    !! CONTEST !! WIN FREE GEAR from OSGear!

    Awesome, I appreciate the opportunity to try some of the products
  20. FL1025

    !! CONTEST !! WIN FREE GEAR from OSGear!

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