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  1. NJBro

    Wise Quotes/Advice

    ?So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion;respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life.Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the...
  2. NJBro

    TRT 300mg every other week

    No one should be on the program you are. I have been on TRT (200mg a week) for more than a decade and have always injected twice a week ( 100 mg Mon and Thur). You need to find a new Dr/clinic. The roller coaster of hormonal instability you are about to go through isn't worth it.
  3. NJBro

    Cigars and Gains

    The things we learn as we get older. LOL
  4. NJBro

    Cigars and Gains

    I have and always will enjoy a good cigar. During the warmer months I will have 2-4 a week. I enjoy them on my deck with a good cup of coffee. When winter hits I will have 1 a week at my local lounge. Life is too short to deny yourself everything. We are already pretty hard on ourselves between...
  5. NJBro

    25 and on TRT

    500mg a week for 12 weeks is fine as a blast. But you need to go back down to your TRT dose for at least as long as you ran your blast. Personally I go an extra 4 weeks min before I would consider running anything again. As far as dose on the TRT I am also on 200mg prescribed but I run...
  6. NJBro

    First injection lump...

    A lump is fairly normal. If you run a fever that’s a different situation. But I wouldn’t worry. I hate pinning my thighs always seems to get messed up. Just pin glute. But check out the instruction vids on youtube. Search IM Injection.
  7. NJBro


    Brother Ive been exactly where you are and I can tell you that the advise you’re getting here is spot on. Rick Rock has a sticky up on the main board. Read this! Then buy a food scale (cheap on Amazon) and start weighing your food. Add in cardio at least 5 days a week. Its going to be tough at...
  8. NJBro

    What's your go to meal?

    Got a simple on that I came up with because I am board as hell with TUNA!!! LOL Two packages tuna 1/4 cup fresh blueberries and no sugar Greek salad dressing to taste. It is freaking amazing and I don't want to gag when it's lunch time. LOL
  9. NJBro

    new to steroids

    Brother Im going to help you out and hook you up with the most ANABOLIC substance known to man!!!! Food!!! We grow or cut in the kitchen. Full stop! Anabolics are not for beginners. Start here:
  10. NJBro

    Adding SARMS

    Love this stack. I ran these three as part of my first Sarms stack with MK2866 for healing. I had great results! You can absolutely run S4 at 25mg a day and get good results. 12.5mg am and 2-6 hrs later 12.5mg (1/4 of a dropper). But remember if you don't have your nutrition on point you wont...
  11. NJBro

    The legal stuff...

    Scivation xtend and BPI are my go to. I have to be very careful regarding sugars and these are sugar free and taste amazing. BPI even dose a pretty good Root-beer flavor!!
  12. NJBro

    First time Sarm cycle

    Sarms are perfect for what you want to do. 12 weeks GW 501516 20mg a day in the am S4 50mg a day 25am 25 pm SR9009 30mg a day split into 6 doses Mini PCT Remember this is not "magic pill". If your nutrition and...
  13. NJBro

    First Cycle Help

    You're not going to get any advice without Stats: Age Height Weight BF% Years training
  14. NJBro

    H 4 the 1st time

    1st relax brother. No one is angry or trying to put you off. What you are getting here is a dose of truth. Its not anything else. The reason everyone is being so firm is that they do not want you to hurt yourself. The friends you watched go down a bad road with AAS are a good example of why the...
  15. NJBro

    My Test experience, help urgently needed

    Thanks brothers! I am glad to help when and where I can. That’s what iSarms is all about!
  16. NJBro

    My Test experience, help urgently needed

    Cbbram is 100% correct. I am on TRT (200mg a week) and started when my BF was 30%. I ran an AI (Emexastane) @ 12.5 eod while eating and exercising to cut fat. I am down to around 15% now. I am not using an AI now as I Am running my TRT at a maintenance level (100mg a week) and my bloods are...
  17. NJBro

    Steroids for joints and tendons

    I have run three cycles that included MK2866 and before the first I had some serious shoulder pain. After the first run it was gone. No pain and the shoulder is stronger. I will make sure to include it in a cycle at least once a year just for the healing benefits.
  18. NJBro

    Should Most middle aged guys do TRT for Life Optimization?

    I am 49 and have been on TRT for almost 6 years. I can say that I had more than a few of the symptoms of low T and TRT has been nothing short of fantastic. At this point in my life there is no need for PCT. My program is Doctor run and I Get blood drawn at least 2 times a year. I have had no...
  19. NJBro

    need to "VENT" AARRGG

    I lift at a YMCA. You want suck? Try the Y in Jan!!! Yesterday I stopped not one but three people from causing themselves serious injury. LOL All were pleasant and took the advice with a smile. But on the flip side after douchboy dropped his 50lb bar puffed up and started stalking around for the...
  20. NJBro

    Happy Thanksgiving from MGP

    Happy Thanksgiving!
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