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    Gary sorry been away and effected by the bushfires here. You can stack together if you want I...

    Gary sorry been away and effected by the bushfires here. You can stack together if you want I did just stay within the recommended doses . Get pre/mid and post bloods that way you have a base line and also know how effected you maybe after cycle . Your doctor will not prescribe you nolva at...
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    45yo Newbie's First SARMS Cycle (A former fatty that's now fit)

    Firstly great work dropping the weight and doing it naturally. I would proberly just keep with what your doing and run the total 12 weeks . after your PCT and recover time you can certainly run RAD and incorporate it in a stack . Given your age I would just keep an eye on test levels as natural...
  3. Bonsaifreak78

    Sarms bulk rad-140, lgd, mk-677

    Iwould not exceed 10mg on LGD yes I see a lot of people do 15 or 20 mg daily . does that mean its safe....? 10mg has been proven to be effective bumping it up is asking for issues . you can go 30mg on RAD but that is at the high end of it . 12 week cycles are most beneficial for most sarm...
  4. Bonsaifreak78

    Cardazol and Tbol

    looking good man for 53 years old . Most guys I know that age are pretty heavily overweight so you are against the trend . Interesting to see how your cycle progresses .
  5. Bonsaifreak78

    What are the best SARMS for strength? A new video by the SARMS expert

    S4 kicking it out the park for me atm . some dryness starting also .
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    Esarms and Banned Nutrition Comments and Feedback Thread

    youll still get good results on 10mg . I've always ran 20mg and for me after running a few rad cycles 20mg is my sweet spot but 10mg is gonna give you results and save you abit of dough.
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    Australian border control seizure notice

    Fine , possible criminal proceding as I said its a schedule 10 drug really based if they want to take it further .
  8. Bonsaifreak78

    Australian border control seizure notice

    Do not reply as you need a import permit for these as GW is a schedule 10 drug now actually on the same schedule as morphine and other narcotics etc . They will destroy product after time has passed . If you try to import again same name, address etc they can and proberly will take action...
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    Cilas first time dosing

    I started at 10mg now at 20mg . Had some minor headache first dosing 20mg but otherwise its been great
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    Best Sarms Stack for Beginners

    Just about everything stacks well with Cardarine you cant go wrong running it . LGD is great as a mass/strength builder. Please post your full stats also so the guys can help you better.
  11. Bonsaifreak78

    liquid cialis

    Thanks guys for the replies . Ill dose at 10mg and see how it goes. Thanks again .
  12. Bonsaifreak78

    liquid cialis

    Cheers I will certainly do that . Thanks for the heads up on the headaches .
  13. Bonsaifreak78

    liquid cialis

    Pretty sure there was a thread somewhere about this but just wondering what dosage you guys run this ? I know some use it as a pre workout and of course there are the other benefits regarding it . Mine is dosed at 20mg/ml first time using the stuff. Appreciate any help.
  14. Bonsaifreak78

    Injectable SR9009 / LGD sources - Shipping sarms to Australia

    I don't know anyone who has tried injectable sarms so your going abit into the unknown . I would defiantly get comprehensive blood work , run organ support and have a plan for a complete PCT depending outcome on bloodwork. I cant help you with those sources .
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    I would run LGD with RAD and maybe GW for stamina and fat loss. S4 can certainly Add strength and hardness . I ran LGD with RAD as a bulking cycle and got some pretty good results off that cycle . The knack is to add size and strength while minimising fat gain. Bulking is not a excuse to eat...
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    Why are you taking Nolva on cycle.....? my understanding is its used in PCT to help restore natural test levels. Curious as to why your running on cycle ?
  17. Bonsaifreak78

    Question on SARMs

    If you have access to Esarms run the cycle Dylan recommended with the Banned Nutrition products, They will eliminate the need for clomid and/or nolva. you can also run post CT if you want that isent going to hurt in the least. You can get that at For me my first cycle of RAD...
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    Ive experienced acme while on rad but its been minor , very small pimples at most . Never had any close to leaving scars so cant help you on any treatment options sorry.
  19. Bonsaifreak78

    Question on SARMs

    All peds come with some inherent risk. Your putting a foreign substance in your body . now if you compare sarms to AAS then yes they are generally much safer provided you have real sarms I think them best stacked but that depends on your goals. For Bulking LGD is king followed personally by...
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