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  1. Fazagra

    L-Carnitine Injections

    Thanks boss.
  2. Fazagra

    L-Carnitine Injections

    What would be the sweet spot (mg) for best localized fat loss? And how often Thanks Bio-Tech
  3. Fazagra

    Happy birthday, hipo!!!

    Happy birthday Hipo! Thanks for your great service/communication & ease of ordering. Will be helping you celebrate with another order :) Cheers
  4. Fazagra

    Thoughts on Test Propionate

    Ok nice. Where is your pinning spot for minimal pip?
  5. Fazagra

    Test prop and Var cycle

    -Yeh I agree 8 weeks max with the var IMO at 40mg -always run HGH min 6 months - I wouldn't use ostarine during pct as it suppresses natural test - run gw entire cycle IMO if you wanna lean out Looks great otherwise bro well done & good luck
  6. Fazagra

    OMFG Aussie Source Plz

    OK sweet. Any Aussies here had any goods from her by any chance? (Should probably post in PharmaLady sub forum but welcome to the Aussie source section lol)
  7. Fazagra

    OMFG Aussie Source Plz

    Thanks for the hot tip, I know Pharmalady has a brilliant range of products and great prices but the thought of customs seizing your gear is a dreadful. I will enquire again unless something locally comes up. I can't afford to burn $500us if something goes wrong with an international order. :(
  8. Fazagra

    OMFG Aussie Source Plz

    Hey guys sorry to sound like a pest but I'm looking for a little help with finding a domestic Australian source for HGH, oils etc The forums current sources have been EXTREMELY helpful & have had received great products from PE & Hipo; but getting HGH or oils past Aussie customs is awfully...
  9. Fazagra

    Nootropics. Noopept, or N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine

    The other day I just ordered some noopept from powder city and some other pre- workout essentials, great prices. I'll keep you all up to date with the quality of the merch. Although I'll be waiting for my package as I'm in Australia...
  10. Fazagra

    European Pharmaceuticals

    Hey gang, Just wondering where European pharmaceuticals went off to ? I ordered some Albuterol off them and its great stuff, packaging was also very smart :) Comms was great and price very competitive Was going to order some more items but i cannot seem to see them as a listed sponsor...
  11. Fazagra

    A cutting alternative to clenbuterol

    Bump... Ordered me some albutetol from Euro pharm and have heard some advantages about stacking it with ketotifen... Any thoughts ? Or dosage suggestions Cheers guys
  12. Fazagra

    Sarms stacked with.... PROVIRON?

    Hey guys, I watched another one of Dylans brilliant informative vids about Proviron. Now i KNOW that its usually stacked with the usual AAS suspects (test etc) BUT in the Proviron Video he did mention the keyword SARMS (s4)... as it helps with the binding of the androgen receptors. I...
  13. Fazagra

    Get a good F##KING Doctor!!

    Thanks for saving my testicles once again Dylan :D Appreciate you looking out for my health & hope this helps many other people. Get my PE recomp stack tomorrow SO PUMPED! I have a couple questions on what to stack with it, but that'll go in the SARMs section. I will be loggin my results...
  14. Fazagra

    Get a good F##KING Doctor!!

    Dylan... I'm an AUSSIE MATE! from "down under"... You know "G'Day cobber!" as in crocodile Dundee as in "throw a couple shrimp on the barbie!" :lol: meanwhile back at the ranch.. The potassium supplement i take as its what you suggested in your HGH video, i DO NOT eat fruit (sugar) so...
  15. Fazagra

    Get a good F##KING Doctor!!

    Yeah so true... They prescribe in the best interest of their pocket That being said Somantropin ain't cheap @ $260aus for 1.5ml :shock: :shock:
  16. Fazagra

    Get a good F##KING Doctor!!

    Sweet as! Thanks pm sent :) Look forward to checking out the merch
  17. Fazagra

    Get a good F##KING Doctor!!

    Hey Gang.. allow myself to introduce my...self... Been following/reading/watching Dylan & RickRock around other forums for a while now & very happy to see a SOLID/TRUSTWORTHY foundation of information here. I'm 32, 5'10'', 170pounds, 18% BF, situated in South Australia and been lifting for...
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