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  1. BigDaddyDelicious

    HCG while on cycle yes or no?

    Sincerely, I see no point in using HCG on cycle, as the test itself will be already doing all the job. Besides, HCG can cause such side effects as gynecomastia, and even suppression. All in all, it is a pretty useless thing to use IMHO.
  2. BigDaddyDelicious

    hair loss and sarms

    There is no need to be concerned with SARMS causing hairloss, as they do not interact with DHT receptors. Precisely this is one of the reasons SARMS were created - so that they would only interact with muscles and bones, and hence not causing side effects in other parts of the body.
  3. BigDaddyDelicious

    Proviron or deca on TRT

    It is like comparing oranges and apples - proviron is a completely different compound, and you can use it for a really long time without any problems, as it will not cause any side effects, nor is it suppressive. Yet it will increase test levels, and slightly reduce estrogen levels. I use it all...
  4. BigDaddyDelicious

    Dbol with anadrol????

    It is much better to use the full dosage of just one, because with half a dosage you won't get much of a result, and yet will experience side effects. All in all, I would not mix anadrol with deca, as it can increase prolactin levels, just like Deca will do, and that will lead to a lot of...
  5. BigDaddyDelicious

    Trt and "cruise". What's the difference?

    The cruise phase is usually carried out at the same dosage as your TRT. For instance, your TRT is 200 mgs per week, so on cruise mode you would be using this dosage only. Then you can blast at 500 mgs and add there some compound, such as deca. Once the blast is over, which is usually like a...
  6. BigDaddyDelicious

    Test Cyp vs. Test E?

    Test is test - the rest is just the difference in the esters attached to it, and the difference between cyp and enanthate is minimal. Personally, I have never really noticed any differences between them. Regarding the possible differences in the water retention, there are many more factors...
  7. BigDaddyDelicious

    SARMs and COAs

    Believe me, you will get much better proof of authenticity by getting your SARMS from a reputable and well proven supplier, such as Sarms X. If someone can fake SARMS, they will not have problems faking a certificate. Besides, SARMS are not FDA approved, so there is nobody to give them their...
  8. BigDaddyDelicious

    Pure Essence SR9009 Log

    Well, it has been just three days in, so it is not surprising that you still don't feel too much of an effect. It usually takes me roughly a week or a week and a half till I really start feeling the good effects of SARMS. Everything is yet to come! Just take everything gradually in order to make...
  9. BigDaddyDelicious

    New Article by Dylan Gemelli: Forma Stanzol

    Thanks for the interesting article - it was a pleasure to read it. Always wanted to give it a try, but did not have a chance to do so. Always sounded intriguing to me.
  10. BigDaddyDelicious

    Mast+test trt question.

    In spite of the fact that I have heard many positive feedbacks on the use of masteron on TRT cruising, I can not disagree with Dylan - it is much more beneficial and safe to use SARMS on cruise phases, as they will not cause any side effects, but will give a lot of benefits. Besides, you will...
  11. BigDaddyDelicious

    Your Turinabol/Turanabol/TBol experience..

    Turinabol is one of my favorite steroids. It has very similar effects as Anavar has, only slightly more anabolic, which is very welcome on the cycle, and yet it has the best things of anavar - lean gains and extremely mild side effects. Besides, it has the additional benefits of being a cheaper...
  12. BigDaddyDelicious

    SARM and PH combo guidance

    I would change the prohormones in the cycle, as I think they will only spoil the SARMS cycle. Better stack in there more SARMS in the cycle, and you will get very good results, with no side effects. All in all, what is the point in using prohormones when you got SARMS and steroids? If you want...
  13. BigDaddyDelicious

    Phurious porn

    This is some hardcore gear porn here! Looking good! Good luck on the cycle, and keep us posted.
  14. BigDaddyDelicious

    Best steroids for a girl

    I have never really undestood women who use steroids. One thing are men, who will at least have reversible effects, no matter if we talk about positive, or negative effects. However, women will experience irreversible side effects coupled with just temporary benefits. What's the point in ruining...
  15. BigDaddyDelicious

    Sugar Cravings

    With sugar everything is pretty simple - the more you eat it, the more you want it. I have experienced this myself - the less sugar I eat, the less I want sweets and that kind of things. The more I eat sugar, the harder it gets to stop doing so. The best time in my life in this regard was when I...
  16. BigDaddyDelicious

    Where is my libido? In need of advice here

    Exactly! Many tendo to limit the ED problems to estrogen and testosterone only, but there is so much more to it. Prolactin can cause ED, and what's more - both too low and too high prolactin can lead to libido problems. Therefore, you need to keep a healthy level of prolactin, and a good balance...
  17. BigDaddyDelicious

    Appetite from steroids?

    This is a very good point. Wonder why nobody has ever brought it up before. The more you spend, the more your body will want to recover, so obviously, the working out will greatly affect your hunger, no matter the PED's.
  18. BigDaddyDelicious

    Tennis-elbow solutions

    Actually, I would not use Deca for joint healing. While it can indeed reduce the inflammation and pain, deca won't actually heal the joints, leading to a further stress and damage inflicted on the joints. Therefore, it is best to use compounds that actually heal and strengthen the joints, such...
  19. BigDaddyDelicious

    Hey Y'all

    Welcome to the iSarms community!
  20. BigDaddyDelicious

    Ultra Super Stack/ Mk-677

    SARMS are a great choice for bridging! Will follow your progress here!
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