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  1. drb_iac

    Identity thieves.

    In the larger scheme of things this is considered minutiae.I have many reasons to protect myself as well as my family. From my point of view....nothing has ever been gained, and certainly nothing lost.It truly all means nothing. I have PM's saying that I will get no respect on other boards.Fact...
  2. drb_iac

    Boils Testosterone

    In Jake's gym they all clean before and after, and there are a lot of cleaning stations through out the area.It is a nice gym, where everyone is focused and considerate.
  3. drb_iac

    Sarms or steroids

    You have time to get a couple of sarms cycles under your belt first. Then at around 25 you can run a sarms cycle plus some test cyp at around 300mg. Take your time and get there safely.
  4. drb_iac

    Help-gw is kicking my azz

    That is his way of life brother. He is very focused, and if he is not lifting then he is running or tweaking the diet. Older guys like us just need to be fit enough to enjoy life and have a body that allows us to do whatever we want. And hey...we are in good shape ,so do not eat the ice cream...
  5. drb_iac

    Tbol video

    tbol at 100mg or the test?
  6. drb_iac

    Last fat

    tuna and water diet plus a good bit of black coffee, or maybe espresso. Don't like coffee? Then try any form of makes for a good diuretic.They would show in less than a week. Sometimes no matter what you do they just won't show.Life is funny like that.You go on a diet and you lose...
  7. drb_iac

    Sarala's 8th week review

    You look great my dear! I think that you already have nice size,symmetry, and some serious slabs of abs! You could easily compete.Just a few tweaks and you would be ready to kill em!
  8. drb_iac

    PCT help

    Lil bro, don't do this kind of shit to yourself anymore. Whats worse is that you knew better.The timing on your pct of clomid and nolva and aromasin does not make any difference.As for the typo I am not sure but I would say to do one month of clomid at 50mg/day then 1 more month of clomid at...
  9. drb_iac

    GW and S4

    yep...I had the same gift. She bought me a stack, then heard me yaking about them and the next thing she confiscates my entire stash....left me a mule train to ride.
  10. drb_iac

    Why does weight lifting burn so few calories compared to cardio?

    cardio vs lifting is not proven one way or the other. Cardio over time does increase your metabolism and you eventually become a burner.That is runners and bikers are so thin.It is not what they burned that day, but what that day did to their metabolism that days. Lifting is similar. It builds...
  11. drb_iac

    Newbies-welcome bros-please answer before posting

    I put this into my favs, and will just use it as the first answer to questions with no info...which seems to be the status quo these days.
  12. drb_iac

    World Campion Cyclist

    lol...I know bro..but jake goes to a hard core boxing gym and the guys there are 100% business. No headsets, no A/C, no music in the gym, no bottles of drinks being carried around, no bullshitting. All of the guys ..and some women are serious as hell.
  13. drb_iac

    Back acne

    Bro I know you are not lying.This acne is something you may have to deal with for a life time. I don't get the lying joke.If someone is asking a question yet lying then what is the purpose of asking? See the beauty in humanity not the negative, because how you perceive the world is how you...
  14. drb_iac

    Winstrol question

    Are you make or female? We need to know a little about you.
  15. drb_iac

    Newbies-welcome bros-please answer before posting

    Before you post and tell us about your supplements, or ideas on cycles,sarms,stacks,or individual steroids please answer these question first.First before anything else.Once we know who you are and what you are trying to achieve, then we can better help you. We get posts about cycles and do not...
  16. drb_iac

    My thoughts on Primobolan: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    If anyone has primo that they would like me to personally test , just sent via fed/x to me in costa rica.
  17. drb_iac

    Here it goes!!!!!

    ahhh in my younger days I remember feeling just like you.Nostrils flared and too excited to wait one more day. Bro you need to be sure and add that gw, and if it were me I would drop the tren. You just don't need it when you have a big ass bulker like drol in there with 500mg test.Those 2 on...
  18. drb_iac

    Sustanon 250 Facts: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    I think that explains it well. here are so man misconceptions on sus. I always did like it, but today I blend it in the syringe to be 12% prop, 48% cyp, and 40% decan. I use 200mg once per week(sunday) and 200mg of just cyp(thursday) once per week. Nothing magical...just a preference.
  19. drb_iac

    World Campion Cyclist

    Dad's like yours know that it is a 24/7 job, that you never stop working on.Fortunate are those kids that grow up and realize how good their parents were.
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