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  1. RedMorkai

    Farritin levels or RBC

    If you're producing more RBCs you're using more iron. Iron is used to make hemoglobulin in the blood and is what oxygen actually attaches to. Ferritin is just another word for stored iron, it's actually more complicated than just ferritin but a lab on that is usually sufficient to know what is...
  2. RedMorkai

    Hey Dylan! (or anyone actually)

    When were your bloods drawn compared to last dose? Day after, midway, or prior to next dose? I personally wouldn't use an AI at that dose and just opt to drop the TRT dose slightly instead, even if those are peak values.
  3. RedMorkai

    hospitalized, creatine kinase question

    That is not simple elevated CK, that's rhabdomyolysis levels. Hope the best for you bro.
  4. RedMorkai

    Metformin May extend life?

    Yes, most ATP production occurs at the mitochondria. In your cells your body goes through a process called glycolosis, which is turning glycogen into a molecule called pyruvate. This enter's the kreb cycle, also called the citric acid cycle, which occurs in the mitochondria. A ton of things...
  5. RedMorkai

    Please help me with diet on Tren Ace?

    I would definitely eat more saturated fats, you don't need a ton. Eggs are great as you get both the saturated fats and omega 3's and many other trace metals/minerals. 2,000mg of sodium isn't too low unless you're sweating excessively or doing a lot of cardio and sport activities. You can use...
  6. RedMorkai

    Please help me with diet on Tren Ace?

    It looks like you're eating nearly no fat. And cholesterol is a very important portion of fat intake, but there are other components that are important too. Do you have any idea how much fat you're in taking each day? Sodium and potassium is most definitely important, but again we don't know...
  7. RedMorkai

    DHT vs DHB and prostate

    Just because something is a derivative of DHT does not make it have the same effects as a DHT. All steroid hormones have the same 4 aromatic ring structure with slight changes; usually in their methyl, hydroxyl and carbonyl groups, which have some fairly profound changes in physiological action...
  8. RedMorkai

    HGRH not HGH any thoughts?

    Any hormonal change can have both positive and negative effects. So no sides is misleading IMO. The amount it might be changing might be small enough to assume that the sides will be minimal. What we know about the pharmacology of exogenous HGH the way it's manufactured as of late, would...
  9. RedMorkai

    Flash sale! 2 for 1

    I've used a number of different lines that IWGF has carried over the years. I have never been disappointed.
  10. RedMorkai

    Very high test levels having never done a cycle?

    Are you female? Because those ranges are for females...
  11. RedMorkai

    Gyno off cycle - with lab work

    Some antibiotics will actually lower estrogen. This is why women on birth control have to be careful with certain types of antibiotics. While waiting to Feb might seem like a long time, the chances of your gyno changing much in that short of time is unlikely, especially when not on supra-dosages.
  12. RedMorkai

    Should I throw this away

    Should be pretty avoidable until the very end of the vial. And I doubt it's small enough to go into needle anyways.
  13. RedMorkai

    Back to the grind (Another Robo story)

    You got this bro. Let the gains resume!
  14. RedMorkai

    A guide to Bitcoin and how it works...

    It really just acts like any other foreign currency in that it varies in value vs the dollar and there is exchange that needs to take place. Just like when you go to Canada you exchange some US dollars into Canadian dollars, the only difference with bitcoin is you don't physically hold the money...
  15. RedMorkai

    Checking IGF levels from HGH Supplementation

    IGF is a long term affect of HGH, the GH serum test which you're referring to is a short-term. The doc would not be testing the legitimacy of your GH by serum test but check your IGF levels to make sure you're blood levels are optimal.
  16. RedMorkai

    Blood test all normal - question about ‘iron’ levels

    Your ferrtin at 90 ug/L is fine. I wouldn't consider you low unless you were actually below 30, although some endurance athletes try to stay around 60 or so, especially runners as the pounding causes RBCs to die so they're in a higher need of iron to replenish.
  17. RedMorkai

    SARMs Mid-Cycle Blood Work

    Could be a number of factors. Your red bone marrow uses iron to make RBCs, and with AAS use erythropoietin goes up which causes your bone marrow to make more RBC's. You may just be using your iron stores to make new RBCs constantly. I've read donating blood can be a double edge sword for high...
  18. RedMorkai

    GW-501516 killing lifts?

    In theory the lower reps higher intensity would benefit less than the higher reps, but they would still benefit. Especially with the rest between sets bringing energy levels back up. I've run GW on a low rep (2-5) powerlifting scheme and felt it helped for more overall volume. I'm not sure it...
  19. RedMorkai

    SARMs Mid-Cycle Blood Work

    You might be low in ferritin (stored iron) based on your MCHC and RDW numbers. At least something is affecting that number. I would not automatically start supplementing iron as too much iron is bad, but it's something to look into if your numbers continue that way. It may just be your body is...
  20. RedMorkai

    GW-501516 killing lifts?

    Quick answer, your body will still use it's glycogen stores for quick ATP, but GW allows your body to mobilize fat quicker for ATP as well. So no, it shouldn't lower your performance. Just like your body uses fat more when walking, but as you increase intensity it is still using a similar...
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