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    Relitive strength

    Idk how to post a video from my phone.. it won't let me post a pic or anything
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    Phurious Gear Porn... PRIMO HAS ARRIVED!

    Those look nice
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    Which day to pin? Test cyp or E

    I pin every 4th day so I'm not pinning on the 3rd day and then the 4th day.. I keep track on a calendar cause its easy to forget
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    Xeno screwed me, and Phurious made me whole.

    That's awesome bro
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    Cost of bloodwork

    Ok. So is it the testosterone total, women children and hypogondal males lc/ms-ms for 62.99?
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    Cost of bloodwork

    Correct.. that's why I want an uncapped test
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    Cost of bloodwork

    Right.. me to that's why I don't want to make the mistake of getting the wrong test... a capped test is useless to me
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    Cost of bloodwork

    Yea I seen it.. I was just checking here cause the best answer I've seen is "I think it is" I want to hear from someone that's used it
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    Cost of bloodwork

    Is the female hormone panel capped at 1500? I just seen on another thread they thought it was?
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    Relitive strength

    Ill do a video next time for sure. I gotta get 32 this time. But I didn't know how many I could get since I never do high reps
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    Relitive strength

    Hit 31 this morning at 185. Could rack the 32nd.. I haven't benched in the 100s in years so I really felt like a bitch after the first set and all I could do was 185 10 times.. nice little workout tho!
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    Where is everyone from

    Southeast Texas
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    Weight loss supplement for wife

    My wife wants to lose some weight and wants the best supplement but doesn't want any type of steroid or anything that will change her body abnormally.. what do you guys think?
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    Roids24 order, SP Laboratories

    It'll come. 2 weeks is normal. They are international. That's how long it took mine.. my tracking number did work and pack stayed in NY for a week! Just be patient.. it's great gear and it will come.. your signature says never satisfied so if you don't have the patients then order domestic...
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    Tren enth

    Tren is king. I'm glad I don't get any sides from it. He has it on hand and I'm sure he's not gonna save it for 2 years.. I say go for it and see if your body can handle it. 99% of people that complain about tren sides are on ace anyways.. tren e has less active tren mg for mg compared to ace...
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    Western union

    Awesome bro. Thanks that was to easy
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    Western union

    Anyone know about how much it is to sent about 200.. just curious cause I haven't used wu in years and when I sent my wife my check years ago it fuckin cost me!
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    new order in record time.

    Damn. That's domestic speed right there!
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    new order in record time.

    Good to hear.. when was it shipped?
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