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  1. R reviews and special offers

    Hgh and primo both out of stock. Will they be restocked soon?
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    Offseason Pinnacle/Axiom 1-Stop Domestic Shop!

    Loving those feathered quads in the first pic- sick bro! Just received some Pinnacle myself. Keep killing it bro
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    BCAA question

    I sip EAAs during my workout and take 20 mg cialis every other morning. No complaints. I also use a pre workout lol- thanks for the articles Dylan. Never realized this could be a problem. Something to keep an eye on for sure.
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    Pharma grade bayer special

    Other sites have it going bw $10-15 an amp. I need to stock up on some primo lol. I like ZPHC also Dylan, although I?ve never run their primo. I watch a lot of bb podcasts- all the old school pros rave about pharma primo. Always wanted to give it a run.
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    Pharma grade bayer special

    Throw out a deal on the Bayer primo!!!!!
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    US Domestic TD

    Finally figured how to post a pic lol. US Domestic gear
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    US Domestic TD

    Shout out to US Domestic! Great communication and super fast service. Payment to delivery was 4 days. 2 Spectrum test C and 36iu Saizen. Gonna give some pharma gh a go- wanted to give it a try bf I ordered more. How are you guys posting pics? I used to go to tinypic but now it?s a different site...
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    Struggling with hunger - help

    I?d rather be hungry while cutting than force feeding while bulking. Bulking sucks
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    ***How to get bloodwork done cheap and WITHOUT going to a doctor***

    I?ve heard that labcorps in NJ won?t except this. T or F?
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    Get your quality GAINS with 1-Stop Domestic Shop!

    The cialis and aromasin are top notch. Using them both.
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    !! CONTEST !! WIN FREE GEAR from OSGear!

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    My prep with EUP/Peak Performance

    Great job bro! I can’t wait to see the pics online. Second in Super Heavy at that show is very impressive.
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    Bulk season is almost bestowed upon us LOAD UP NOW!

    Just put in a domestic order with you guys. Haven’t ordered from PSL in a few years- looking forward to my bulk. Test, EQ, Deca. What’s the avg TA on domestic orders?
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    My prep with EUP/Peak Performance

    I have some buds in next weeks show. I wish I could be there, but the nephew is getting baptized. You did great man. Don’t try to recreate the wheel for the next show- you’re on point.
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    My prep with EUP/Peak Performance

    You’re conditioning looks great bro! You killed it- good luck today.
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    The reason I’m seeking feedback is that the price is extremely low. Almost too good to be true low. I’ve had good experiences ordering from PSL about 3 years ago- but gear only, not pharma hgh.
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    I’m looking for feedback on the geno hgh myself and haven’t heard from anyone. I used them years back and they were great.
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    🖊️🖊️NEW Geno PENS🖊️🖊️ at P.S.L.

    Has anyone ordered and used this product? Price is pretty low- looking for feedback.
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    🖊️🖊️NEW Geno PENS🖊️🖊️ at P.S.L.

    Has anyone ordered this and is using or has used it?
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