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  1. Specimen

    Letro and Nolva

    sources in USA?
  2. Specimen

    HGH Cost:Benefit, Is it worth it?

    I would give edible marijuana a try as I think it is the best medicine for anxiety or insomnia (gummy bears are the best). 5-10mg about 3 hours before bed is all you need. If you buy in small bulk you're paying less than $1 for a 10mg dose. The "high" feeling takes some getting used to but...
  3. Specimen

    Can't train due to PIP

    You'll be fine. 2 ccs into a virgin delt wasnt the smartest idea. Delts take some time to "break in" but it has to be done. I would do some light band work to get some blood in the there and just do abs/calves in the meantime. Doing nothing certainly wont help. I also hope you arent using...
  4. Specimen

    How to deal with breakup

    ^^ Life coach right here
  5. Specimen

    How to deal with breakup

    Good way to think of it
  6. Specimen

    Anyone use Test Ace?

    I miss pinning ed but I wouldn't go with an ester shorter than prop
  7. Specimen

    Hottest Female in Fitness

    Courtney King is a dime & 1/2
  8. Specimen

    Hottest Female in Fitness

    Definitely a time and place for thick chicks.. there's just a higher level of appreciation I have for a nicely proportioned toned body.. that mesmerizing/wow factor
  9. Specimen

    Is Caber Needed For Low Dose Deca / any 19nor?

    At that low of a dose I doubt you will need caber. I'd be careful with aromasin. Somewhere between E3d and once a week should be plenty
  10. Specimen

    Carbs before bed

    If you eat carbs late at night your body will store it as fat because you dont need a quick source of energy while you are immobile in bed.. just think how depleted you would have to be for your body to use protein for energy (as you said after your body runs out of carbs and fats to burn)...
  11. Specimen

    Hottest Female in Fitness

    I used to think no one would come close to Anllela Sagra but then I discovered Valentina Lequeux.. thoughts? Can anyone top either of them?
  12. Specimen

    Adjusting AI dose (first cycle)

    Your bf% is too high to run an effective cycle.. your problem is most likely low estrogen.. i would stop taking it for a week then start 12.5 e3d
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    Considering a Recomp, Have a Few Questions

    I would suggest you focus on bulking or cutting. "Recomp" is a sexy term thrown around way too much by trainers to give the average joe the false belief that they can build muscle and lose fat at the same time. With AAS (especially tren) this certainly happens to a degree but that is far too...
  14. Specimen

    Cheat meal/junk food

    Once you get to a certain point "cheat" meals are kind of built in to your week so I don't really think much of it.. what you should keep track of is your cheat nights.. the times you go out, drink, lose sleep etc.. keeping these reasonable has made the biggest difference in the way I look
  15. Specimen

    The Best Injection Sites: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    I would not inject delts with a 23g or any other site besides glutes with a needle that big.. quads used to be a lil tricky but now they're my go to site.. the minor twitching sometimes is weird but you just have to insert the needle slow and inject slow
  16. Specimen

    The Best Injection Sites: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Just run the syringe under hot water prior to injecting.. especially with long esters this makes a huge difference
  17. Specimen

    First Time with tren

    I would run test somewhere between 200-250 and tren at 350. Everyone responds differently but sides should be minimal at this dose. I would also recommend pinning ed.
  18. Specimen

    question regarding cycle and relationship to acne

    depends.. in NJ they make you try antibiotics and cream for 3 months before prescribing.. other people get it right away.. antibiotics didnt work and i wasnt going to wait another two months for a doc to write me a script so I got tane thru other means
  19. Specimen

    question regarding cycle and relationship to acne

    i got cystic acne on my shoulders during my deca cycle but i could have just been prone as Dylan says. I would not go above 350-400 test ever if you are acne prone. I was at 600 and i definitely think test being that high was the main catalyst. Worst case plan to be on accutane post cycle (I...
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    Tren e question please

    U ever run 700 for two weeks tho?
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