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  1. Kenneth Hunter

    Any labs make tbol in more than 20mg per tab?

    Most labs sell it 50 or 60 tabs 20 mg each so if you wanna run 80mg for 8 weeks as an example you would need to get 4 tubes which is quite expensive. In the past I got As Labs tbll 100x25mg and the price wasn't too bad.
  2. Kenneth Hunter

    When did you jump on the Tren train?

    When did you decide to get on Tren? How many cycles did you have under your belt etc?
  3. Kenneth Hunter

    HGH dosing help

    I purchased some hgh and have been Dosing 8iu eod with no sides , so day before yesterday i decided to jab 16iu and no sides, is this normal or could it be possibly under dosed, any hgh I've used before has always gave tingles and pins and needles including ghrp6 Anyone else advice will be very...
  4. Kenneth Hunter

    Welcome/Introduction Thread

    Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Kenneth. I am 21 years old. I am new to this board and found the info on it to be very helpful. I am thinking of starting my first cycle pretty soon and doing as much research as I can.:rolleyes:
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