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    Just a notice: new Tool album

    Completely agree, brother. I saw them over the summer too after their Charlotte, NC performance got rained out on the second day of a weekend concert. Amazing live atmosphere. Tool and Sevendust are my favorite bands.
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    Just a notice: new Tool album

    Got the album downloaded two weeks ago... plenty of time to digest. The song "7empest" is the best track, and probably Adam Jones' greatest performance. My favorite Tool song since "Lateralus".
  3. B - HUGE NEWS !!!

    PLUS the amazing pharma HGH choices!!! Sent from my BBB100-1 using Tapatalk
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    Just a reminder. We got Saizen HGH guys.. domestic.

    Love doing business with these guys. Saizen HGH is the best on the planet, without peer.
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    Robolics; Yet Another Superb Experience!

    Exactly, my man. Those are pharma and script prices on the black market. He has some 10ml items too. Still, he’s the king.
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    Robolics; Yet Another Superb Experience!

    You get $80 for 20ml Test Cyp before discounts, and it’s no less potent than script. Promise you, bud.
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    Robolics; Yet Another Superb Experience!

    Bro, you spreading lies about my man Robo. That’s bad for business... His prices are mostly all for 20ml vials. Easily the most competitive combo of pricing & pharma-rival quality and potency. I’m gonna post my recent TD very soon... hella RoboRip, NPP, Primo, Winny, EQ. Try him, he’s the...
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    Titan is back! Updates and apology!

    Wow..... wow wow. My man, first off thank the Lord all of our prayers were answered in that you & your family are alive. That “less than 5%” statistic says everything. I’m obviously aware of your constant optimism and strength, yet still shocked by your eagerness to persevere. I don’t need...
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    New titan update

    I'm very hopeful that Titan will pull through this, so keep fighting & never give up. All material possessions can be had again, but take care of your health and family first. Thin D, Elemenohpee, CMB... you guys are blessings to Titan as well as the rest of us. Much love to you all ❤️
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    BGS, Axio, Peak Performance & Syntrom Injectables

    Thank you for the excellent news in this post, 9th Wonder and IWGF!
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    MGP Open

    Welcome back, Thin Deezy! I hope you've been well bro
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    Brothers I need some prayers

    I don't want to say the "C" word, but it is truly the one thing I hate in this world... I am especially sensitive towards your plight & sending only the strongest prayers to you, Miss B and your loved ones. Stay strong & keep love brother [emoji123]❤️
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    IWGF bulk

    You look incredible, my guy! IWGF is a kickass dude, his professionalism and kindness is second to none. I'll be following you & rooting for you to reach your goals [emoji123]
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    Robolics Labs - Touchdown of the Gods

    Amazing quality, indeed [emoji91]
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    IWGF - Killer Gear Touchdown (ProForm and Pharma Test!)

    I finally get to post one of my favorite TD's ever received from Iwannagofaster -- shout out to big homie. Always exhibiting class, professionalism, promptness and just pure kindness. I ordered some human-grade Testovis test prop -- first time using -- along with 80ml of ProForm NPP... amazing...
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    Robolics Labs - Touchdown of the Gods

    Pictures are not uploading in hi-res on this forum at the moment... I'll try to update later.
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    Robolics Labs - Touchdown of the Gods

    What's up family, I've been mega-late getting some TD posts on various forums, so I'm finally getting my shit together & sharing some goodies with my folk. Some really outstanding labs out there, and this Robo stash is from the top of the mountain... ...check out the Tren Hex, Tren Ace and...
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    Custom blends

    Kento, listen to this man. He most definitely knows what he's talking about [emoji6]
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