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    Agreed the upper back and rear dekts can handle an absurd amount of appropriate training. Vince they basically are what will keep your posture straight. Try training them more often with high volume. You could even do some band pull aparts with a light weight band at high reps every day even...
  2. Mrjustin81

    Dylan Gemelli EU/Axio Fall and Winter Shredding Log..

    I’m in to learn and see how it goes bro!
  3. Mrjustin81

    Chasing Sarms with Soda

    ���� I hear it tastes more like regular dr. Pepper than other diet soda’s. It’s great for some super loud burps too
  4. Mrjustin81

    new to game

    Can you give us a bit more info age/weight more specifics to your training/nutrition? What kind of progress have you made? How long have you been stuck? Btw welcome to the forum
  5. Mrjustin81

    Canned veggies

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 Rolling here!
  6. Mrjustin81

    New here

    Welcome to both of you ��. It’s a nice forum here
  7. Mrjustin81

    100% Shipping Success Rate to USA - Guaranteed Delivery

    My first package arrived and my second ought to be delivered tomorrow, so still at the 100% shipping to US.
  8. Mrjustin81

    First cycle finished

    Nice job bro. Can definitely tell the difference between your before and your after picture.
  9. Mrjustin81

    Workout routine

    The guys are right, as long as your using progressive overload(remember that doesn’t just mean weight on the bar), and a diet that matches your goals, you’ll make gains. Idk what the beast body plan is or what your goal is to throw out some ideas to change it up and break the plateau you sound...
  10. Mrjustin81

    Need advice please. New to the communitya

    There are plenty of quality sources here. Hang around for a little while and you’ll see who the reps are.
  11. Mrjustin81

    Need advice please. New to the communitya

    Yeah welcome bud. It’s oretty chill around here, but definitely a lot of knowledgeable ppl.
  12. Mrjustin81

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome. This is a great community
  13. Mrjustin81

    Can I post this??

    That’s interesting. I didn’t know a fat face was a thing
  14. Mrjustin81

    Test e , Masteron, Winstrol cycle

    No one is going to recommend running an oral more than six weeks. Orals have the c17aa attachment which makes them very toxic. I also believe the injectable winstrol still has this attachment as well.
  15. Mrjustin81

    Best anti aromatase compound?

    I’ll agree with the letro, not even a full 2.5 mg dose and my joints are creaking the next day
  16. Mrjustin81

    Cigars and Gains

    If only we knew these things 10 - 15 years ago! Shit just by saying that I think that means I’m getting older lol
  17. Mrjustin81

    Ostarine Dosing Issue

    You could always cut one in half if your he’ll bent on the 25 mg dosage
  18. Mrjustin81

    Cycle Question?

    ���� ..........
  19. Mrjustin81

    Best sarm by itself for FAT LOSE?

    Once a day is fine, but I’ve split it half in the AM and half a bit b4 a workout. Maybe it was just a placebo effect in dosing b4 a workout was very effective. I workout at night.
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