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    New Pure Essence Stacks Preview...

    Awesome, ecstatic to see the PCT cycle, that is all that is left for me.
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    GW501516 -my experience

    [attachment=1:edfd9bmd]520 in 30.jpg[/attachment:edfd9bmd] [attachment=0:edfd9bmd]after legs.jpg[/attachment:edfd9bmd] The goal was 500 in 30, previous PR was 475, thought it was lower but it wasn't. So, this is what I was able to accomplish on my 7th day of GW501516, now some of you are...
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    GW501516 -my experience

    Tastes like jet fuel with a twangy kick. Seems to kick in around the 1 hour mark for me. Only on day 3, so this may be a placebo effect, but first thing I noticed was the recovery time between lifting sets but more importantly, as least for now, the slowing of the heart during interval...
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    Sustanon/EQ 20 week log to begin in Septemeber

    Outstanding sir, I am looking forward to getting everything in place and really enjoying my transformation. Thanks for posting. With the guidance on this forum, I really don't see how someone can go wrong, unless they intentionally alter the advice given, which would put the blame on them.
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    Sustanon/EQ 20 week log to begin in Septemeber

    No need to apologize, I completely understand you are busy, you ARE the "go to" guy, that is why I have waited on pinning and also ordering, I need to know exactly what to have on me. As for as goals, I gave some thought to your question about bulking vs. recomping, I have come this far on...
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    Sustanon/EQ 20 week log to begin in Septemeber

    I actually made the error of purchasing before being advised, after the arrival of my gear, that is when I contacted Dylan to get some feedback and input. He hasn't advised on a particular run of cycle just yet, but I think that is next to come.
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    Sustanon/EQ 20 week log to begin in Septemeber

    I've been communicating with Dylan on this, but decided to post up here as well. I am having trouble with private messages, not sure why, and I am sure Dylan is answering 1,000s of other questions so.... 38 yrs. old Training since 1998 when I began studying Exercise and Sports Science in San...
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    Non-caffeinated pre workout

    I believe I have reached a plateau using my current caffeinated pre workout and would suggestions on a non-caffeinated version. I work in the Texas heat and humidity all day, so my motivation to lift is already on it's way down by the time it comes to train. Thanks in advance.
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    Absolutely an MMA fan, would like to see Johnson win although I do like Cormier. For some reason I have an odd feeling that Vitor is going to take out Weidman. Have done some training in Houston with a couple of different instructors, it's excellent cardio.
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    ...that is all
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    Age/ gender???

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    Pre-Workout and Neural fatigue

    Up until recently I have been out of the game all together for about 3 years, damn you drugs and alcohol, but made a decision to get back to what I love. I remember some years back, pre workouts would warn of not using on consecutive days or no more than "x" amount of days per week. I thought...
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    I would like to say Congrats to my Houston Rockets for having the heart to erase a 13 point deficit and outscore the home team in the 4th quarter ON THE ROAD and force a game 7 Sunday back in Houston....."Never underestimate the heart of a champion." I hope we can keep the momentum going. :D
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    My search has ended....

    Just a quick chime in here, I want to see thank you to Dylan for educating myself and I'm sure countless others on the PROPER use of supplements, AAS, PCT, SARMS, nutrition, etc. My original meeting with Dylan went like this via email when I asked for some his opinion on something I had read on...
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