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    Robo labmax dbol

    Robo dbol=passed Labmax dbol=red Ttest A came back red 2nd test was with winny and anavar test and it showed red which is dbol too. I used the winny and anavar test kit because If it's dbol it will also show red!! Robo is the best
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    Robolics Bloodwork

    Got bloods in today will post when I get off work
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    Robolics Bloodwork

    Got bloodz on the way they come in Tomm. Been takin 200mg test prop and 300mg eq every other day for 16 days. took bloodz 19hrs after last shot. will post Tomm when they come in.
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    New products coming soon. Pharma Lady

    Need some of that superdrol that shit make me hella strong
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    Robilics delivers

    Looks like candy
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    Robolics Bloodwork

    Robo has crazy fast delivery. Just started test p and his eq been on for 2 weeks will say the test prop definitely working. Feels like I'm 18 again. Will be getting bloodz done next week.
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