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    Bulk to cut cycle

    Yes I am. 3 years now
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    Bulk to cut cycle

    Cardio and calorie deficit?
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    Bulk to cut cycle

    Hey guys I just wanted your thoughts if I should take ti.e off or go straight into a cutting cycle. I was on 500mg cypionate 500 deca and 800 equipoise a week for 16 weeks. Made some good gains but I wanted to cut down some size now. So I have a cutting end 75 prop 75 tren and 75 masteron...
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    Ordered from samson for the first time. Got it in 6 days exact. The dragon pharma EQ was smooth I actually felt better on this than the brand I was using. Anyone using Samson? How was your experience?
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    Samson Supplies - my review

    Hey bro how was the EQ from samson?
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    Switching testosterone?

    Hey guys I'm 8 weeks in with sustanon 250 pinning twice a week. I want to switch to test cypionate at the same dosage per week. My question is safe and okay to do this mid cycle? Not feeling the sustain. Too much up and downs for me.
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    Cycle suggestions

    I'll just keep going and hope the deca kicks in soon. I'll post back in a few weeks. Thanks for the response bro
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    Cycle suggestions

    Hey guys I started my cycle 5 days ago and I'm having pain in my elbows from drying out. I'm thinking 50 mg of proviron is the cause. Can I do something to help with that? Currently pinning 500 sustanon Pw and 380 mg deca pw. It's still early in the cycle.
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    Cycle suggestions

    How is proviron beneficial with deca bro?
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    Cycle suggestions

    I do also have deca on hand. The cycle I was considering was what Dylan suggested. Sustanon, deca, EQ, and proviron for 14 to 16 weeks maybe more. Have dbol at 10mg and superdrol at 50mg. Superdrol I'm a little worried about doing maybe someday. Might be a little concern with blood thickening...
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    Cycle suggestions

    30mg proviron ed, sustanon 250 twice a week, 400 deca a week and 400 EQ a week. Thoughts dyaln?
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    Cycle suggestions

    Haven't used dbol yet or EQ. I was miserable using tbol and anadrol. I hated those morals. Had major headache and occasional nose bleed probably from high blood pressure. Drop those and finish the deca and tren enanthate. I do have no side effects from tren. This was my last 2 cycle. What is...
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    Cycle suggestions

    I'm 42 I have used tbol, anadrol, cypionate, enanthate, tren and deca. Bodyfat I'm around 13 to 15%.
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    Cycle suggestions

    First off let me tell you my situation. I'm 5'6 198 pounds I've already done a few cycles over the last 4 years. I have my own home gym so I'm not affected by gym closures. Okay now I have stocked up on different anabolics for a bulking cycle and would like your opinions. Here what I have for...
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    Looking for a DHB source. Thank you
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    Looking for a clen source

    Looking to grab some clen and t3. Hit me up
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    Sustanon cycle

    Has anyone stack sustanon 250? If so what compounds and how was your experience? I plan on doing a bulking cycle in the winter.
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    Dbol mid cycle

    Is it okay to start dbol mid cycle?
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    Looking for a one stop shop

    Hey bro can I get an updated price list?
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    Spring cycle

    I'm about to start my spring cycle of 600 mg of enanthate a week and 400 mg tren enanthate a week. Kick starting with 50 mg of anadrol for 4 weeks. My question is should I add a third compound like boldenone? This will be my fourth cycle so any other suggestions is appreciated. Thanks guys
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