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  1. P and INSULIN?

    Are you ready to take your physique to the next level? You've been running gear, added HGH, and now you're ready for slin gains. We at can help. Now I'm not saying if you jump on insulin that you can look like my man "Lee" pictured above. But I can almost...
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    ALL NEW List of PHARMA GRADE products from

    Check out these options for pulling it all together. Aldactone A - spironolakton 25mg/tab 20 tabs Condition: New product Supplier:ARIS TR Chemical Name: spironolakton Comes In: 25mg/tab 20 tabs/box Dosage: individual Class: Diuretics Shipping from Europe LASIX -Flurosemid 40 mg/tab...
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    Vision call this color ?Trequente?

    Vision calls this color Trequente... Look at some of this Gym-candy... This is why so many people love When you promise yourself better, select P.S.L and you'll never look back again.. Some Phenny Trenny in the color of Trequente... Looks so good doesn't it? P.S.L Tren...
  4. P and INSULIN?

    You can access insulin and all our other Pharm Grade products below. PHARMACY BRANDS - Puritysourcelabs Follow the link then pick your category and select your products. And remember pay with BTC and save.
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    A king isn't born he is made! [emoji146]The "KING's" oil[emoji146] Sustanon 250 - 250mg/ml 10ml/vial EP "$60 USD LOCAL SHIPPING" Supplier:Euro-Pharmacies Chemical Name:Testosterone Blend Comes In: 10ml vial - 250 mg/ml: Testosterone Propionate 30mg Testosterone...
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    ALL NEW List of PHARMA GRADE products from

    GOT ACNE, we got you covered.. ROACCUTANE -Isotretinoin 10 mg/cap 30 caps $25.00 Condition: New product Supplier: ROCHE Chemical Name: Isotretinoin Comes In: 30 caps Dosage: 10 mg/cap 30 caps Shipping from Europe ROACCUTANE -Isotretinoin 20 mg/cap 30 caps $35.00 Condition: New...
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    P.S.L.?s current services available (Please Read)

    P.S.L. current services available (Please Read) Here at P.S.L. We truly understand that people have many questions & concerns with lingering anxieties , we all need to take into great consideration with understanding that there is some delays depending on which one of the services that is...
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    Lightening "FAST SERVICE" from our door to yours!

    Follow the link directly to all our LOCAL products. Only from your go to source.
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    Local BULK deals from PSL

    LOCAL SERVICE IS STILL GOING STRONG! This is just two examples of the BULK LOCAL deals available right now. PSL has still got you covered. Local, Fast, Reliable.
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    Largest Selection of Pharma HGH at

    Of Course If Prefer to just "CLICK" Take your pick...only from your friends at:
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    ALL NEW List of PHARMA GRADE products from

    Goddammit man... Look at these beauties... At we want to have everything for you! Follow the link below for direct access to all our new offerings.
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    🧪 Glutathione Immune Regulator Inhibit Coronavirus Proliferation :::BUY HERE:::🧪

    Read this excerpt... When intracellular glutathione level dips, white blood cells called lymphocytes are impaired and viral infections can percolate. The synthesis of new DNA and new cells is exquisitely sensitive to free radical damage, and high levels of glutathione protect it. And rapid...
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    👄👅The reveal deal! 15% OFF BTC (reveal the new you after quarantine)👄👅

    Let me explain... You buy up all your gear Then use BTC to pay Save a ton on your entire purchase Then you run some new gear Train your ass off And last YOU REVEAL your new physique when you get back to the gym, or back to the beach, or back to your job at the strip club..... REVEAL like the...
  14. P and INSULIN?

    You're Ready For Insulin. You've done all your homework. You've read every article you could find, You've watched the videos online and are ready to start running slin. Here at we can help. The first biosynthetic insulin analog was developed for clinical use...
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    Largest Selection of Pharma HGH at

    So So Many Choices. I'm thinking where do I start?? I was looking, comparing and I decided, I'm gonna start here... Alright so I haven't completely decided yet, but at least I've narrowed it down. Thank You !! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Holy Hell! Look at one of our all NEW payment options.

    I know, I know at first I thought. Then I went and checked and sure as shit... THERE IT IS! This is fucking brilliant. Of course only from your friends at: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Holy Hell! Look at one of our all NEW payment options.

    WOW! An all NEW payment option has been added for your fast transaction convenience.. :::CLICK HERE TO VIEW::: Ad by Vision
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    ALL NEW List of PHARMA GRADE products from
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    ALL NEW List of PHARMA GRADE products from

    Take a look at all the categories...we didn't just add a few Pharmaceutical products, we basically opened a whole pharmacy. No script needed :). (Click image to be directed to our Pharmaceutical Store) Ad by Joz
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    💉💉The BEST TRT Stack EVER💉💉

    It's LIKE TRT ON STEROIDS! Well you know what I mean... From your friends at
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