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    First Sarm Cycle

    MassMax by Performax Labs is a Epicatechin based product. I'm completely natural up until Somatozine. I never ran any type of oral.
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    First Sarm Cycle

    Yea, it didn't sound to great to me that's why I'm here. The forum is Anabolicminds. I ran Performax Mass Max (Epi) for 8 weeks along side Somatozine. Should I wait 4 weeks before jumping into a SARM stack? I'm still using the Somatozine.
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    First Sarm Cycle

    Hello, new guy here. I was looking into running my first SARM cycle at age 56. I've been weight lifting for years but never used anything but Test boosters and Epi based supplements up until two months ago when I dived into a MK-677 supplement (Somatozine). On another forum (AM) I asked for...
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    Steroidify Main Thread

    Hello I'm new to the forum. Does Pharmacom accept payment through other wallets such as Coinbase which I already have a account with?
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