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    Prices have been dropped!!!!

    Another successful delivery! Bout time you guys got a website. Looks great!
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    Prices have been dropped!!!!

    Another successful order! Can't go wrong with Samson!
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    Winstrol vs. Anavar: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Love anavar. I would like to run winny but with the other prescription meds I'm on, I have to go with the lesser of 2 liver evils.
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    Prices have been dropped!!!!

    Very nice! Awesome sponsor just got better!
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    Getting TRT prescription

    Lots of hormone replacement doctors out there. Just do a google search. If your levels are around 300, you will have no problem getting a script(dependent on your age). I have friends who have gotten a script at an age as low as 36. To answer your question, if you qualify, it is definitely...
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    Vacation and HGH

    1-2 weeks off is not going to screw up your (body) system. Just take a shot the morning you leave.
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    HGH debate

    Depends on your age also. Someone over 40 is going to see better results on only 2 iu's vs someone in their 20's.
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    Fist Time, looking to help heal back issues, Sustanon??

    I have retrolisthesis 4.3mm. Doc is telling me I have to have spinal fusion. Scared to death of this surgery. I think I will try the bpc and tb500 and see how that helps. I dont think they will heal the vertebrae popping backwards but maybe help with the pain a bit.
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    Operation Jerome Results in the Arrest of Dark Web Steroid Dealer

    Wonder if he was the source named Redscript? They just disappeared last week.
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    BPC-157 and TB-500 reconstitution 1ml or 2ml?

    Easier to measure your shots on the syringe if you just use 1ml. It mixes very easily with need to add 2ml.
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    Cheapest place to buy bulk syringes?
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    Awesome hgh!!!!

    Got mine!! Only been on it a month but I've got the normal sides. Will let everyone know how it goes.
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    Horse med care website

    Primo for $50? I would be skeptical too.
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    5 Star Pharmaceuticals Owner Pleads Guilty to Steroid Trafficking

    How come nobody is talking about this very large bust in WV recently?
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    Chest pain, turning purple

    Hopefully you saw a doc. already......anytime chest pain is accompanied by with hands/feet turning purple is a red flag to go get checked out asap. Swelling in the feet is another red flag.
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    Are BPC-157 and TB-500 worth the price?

    I have taken BPC 157 for stomach issues but have not noticed any results. People I know who have taken BPC for injuries took large amounts of the drug with success but they spent a shit ton of money on it. Where you get your bpc 157 is also very important....make sure you are getting it from a...
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    Testosterone/ Hormones and digestion health

    I have ulcerative colitis so without any hormones, I would shrivel up.
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    More Domestic Supply Restock!! Primo and Tbol!

    Awesome selection and brand names.
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    Hello everyone. Awesome looking board!
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