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  1. J Dawg80

    Happy thanksgiving!

    Hope all u guys have a happy thanksgiving. Should be a great day for you guys that are bulking. Not so much for you guys who are cutting. Lol. Have a good one guys.
  2. J Dawg80

    Robo td!

    First time ordering from robo so I thought I’d post up about it. He received money this past Friday. I got my gear in the mail on Wednesday. Obviously speed and service were on point. I’ll definitely be hitting these guys up again, top notch service. Can’t wait to try this shit out. All I’ve...
  3. J Dawg80

    Possible gyno help for a friend

    Hey guys. Could use a little advice. A friend of mine that I haven’t talked to in a awhile recently started his first cycle. I didn’t know this until just now. He’s running test e 600 per week for 10 weeks and is on the last week of dbol kickstart. Ran dbol first 6 weeks. He has nolva and letro...
  4. J Dawg80

    Cycle advice

    What’s up fellas. Im 37 years old, 6’1 225 about 15% body fat. I have 5 years training exp. I am planning on running a cycle starting 2nd week of June. This will be my 4th cycle, but the first one which I’m going to do the right way. Got some bad advice from a friend a couple years ago. I’m...
  5. J Dawg80

    New member

    Sup fellas. New member here from nc. Looking forward to gaining some valuable knowledge from all u guys. I’m 6’1” currently 223lbs about 5 years training experience on and off. I look forward to getting to know u guys. Thanks for the add.