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    Keeping Steroid Gains: Fact or Fiction: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    I agree with a 100% of what was said in this video. Everyone thinks this or that is best way especially when it comes to the "Best PCT"... everyone is different like it was said in the video there is no way to tell how much gains you'll keep etc.
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    Cycle advice

    Yeah unfortunately HCG over-use especially during PCT but even when on a Cycle a lot of the Dosages I seen people saying they use is way to high and probably going to be very bad in long run. I never understood how this became a thing to use HCG for PCT it is the reason a lot of Men and future...
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    Got a seizure letter? READ THIS

    What if I get a 100% Legal Substance such as MK-677 sent to my place and they Seize it does that mean I need to sent it to new a Address or does this only matter if it is an actual Scheduled Substance or something blatantly illegal? If someone knows the answer to this as despite Ordering 100%...
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