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    Steroidify Main Thread

    Just put in my order. Can't wait!
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    New here? Read this. Been here? Ready it anyway.

    Age--30 Height--5'10 Weight--190# Body fat--17% Years of training--4 New to anabolics Goals--to hit around 200# again with a bf in the low teens Supplements--Creatine General idea of nutrition--Mostly just tracking macros loosely now. Have been vegan before. Have tracked macros very...
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    Welcome/Introduction Thread

    Hey all, new to the forums here. I'm 30, 5'10 190# around 17% bodyfat. I've started out with powerlifting and then moved into CrossFit, but now looking to focus on strength and aesthetic again. Excited to look at all your advice and join y'all soon.
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