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    Source talk

    Okay so I'm a new to forum sources and all, pharma ladies prices are a lot cheaper then I've ever seen. A little skeptical but really want to try her stuff. What do you guys recommend brand wise? How about the orals? How quickly does she ship? And how do you pay her? Just throw in any...
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    Cycle Advice contest prep

    26. All cycles were a smaller combination of the above. This would be the most compounds I've ran at one time.
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    Cycle Advice contest prep

    Okay guys heres the layout for my competition stack. Sust 250 500 mgs per week for 16 weeks Primo or EQ dosage TBD ? for 16 weeks Tren A: 50 mgs EOD for 12 weeks Masteron P: 100 mgs EOD for 10 weeks Anavar: 50 mgs ED 6 weeks Winstrol: 50 mgs ED 6 weeks Halotestin: 5 mgs 3 weeks T3: TBD...
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    I trust my coach with my life, just wanted to get some extra opinions is all.
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    Hey guys, My coach put 400 mg of primobolan per week for 16 weeks in my contest cycle. I don't have much experience with primobolan, so my questions are: How do you tell if it's fake primo? and if it's real, Is it worth the costs? I had a guy asking $165 per vial and was wondering if this is...
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    Newish Member

    Hey guys, been inactive for about a year now so I thought I'd reintroduce myself. I'm a mens physique competitor getting ready for the nationals this year. I'm 5' 9" 193 pounds 10% BF. I've run 2 competition cycles in the past, but have been off anabolic for almost 12 months now. Wanted to...
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    Whats up guys, so I was told to introduce myself. A little about me I'm a mens physique competitor at the national level. I'm doing 3 shows this season looking to get my pro card! I've been training for probably 6 or 7 years. I'm pretty new to the forum but I've been a viewer of Dylans...
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    Okay guys, I'm definitely curious if I have real anavar. How do you tell if it's fake? They are supposed to be 50 mg capsules but i've heard people say real anavar doesnt come that high. What are some experiences you guys have with anavar? How do you tell if its fake? Thanks guys!
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    I'm looking for quality anavar, masteron, and sustanon. I'm new to the the forum so u guys are going to have to help me out with who's reputable. I've questioned if my anavar is fake... I've heard some people say that anavar doesn't even come in 50 mg caps which is what I have. Feedback...
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    Alright heres my cycle and stats. I have a little gyro in my left nipple. Sust 150 EOD Masteron 100 megs EOD Anavar 50 ED Clen 40 mcg 2 days on 1 day off Keto 1 mg on clean days Arimidex .5 EOD Nolva .5 ED I'm 175 pounds 5% BF 4 weeks out. Is the bubble underneath my nipple permanent...
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    Bulking Cycle

    What do you guys think of this bulking cycle I'm thinking of running. It will be my 3rd cycle. I'm 175 pounds right now 4 weeks out from a mens physique show and 5% BF. That will go up after the contest obviously, but the goal is to put on quality size for a national show. Okay here it is...
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    First Cycle Advice

    Okay so i'm on week 3 of my first cycle heres my stats: Sustanon 250 mg 3 times a week Equipoise (Bolderone) 150 mgs 3 times a week I have pct on hand it is Nolvadex. How long should I run this this cycle? and also, and post cycle therapy advice? herby here would love to hear some...
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    Sustain 250 and EQ cycle

    both bottles say 10 mL
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    Sustain 250 and EQ cycle

    yes I have nolvadex in hand for pct. I'm trying to find out my dosages hold on.
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    Sustain 250 and EQ cycle

    I am injecting sustanon and EQ. 1 sust and .5 EQ monday and thursday
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    Sustain 250 and EQ cycle

    I am 19 years old mens physique competitor 180 pounds about 5% body fat right now coming out of my cut, goal is to compete on a national and pro stage. I've been training for years and made some great gains naturally but wanted tot are this thing a bit further.
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    Sustain 250 and EQ cycle

    hey guys, one week ago I started my first cycle. 1 cc of just and .5 cc of EQ twice a week. So far so good I feel good but i am extremely sore from my workouts. Besides my energy level everything is about the same. I'd love to hear some feedback on this stack and what to expect from it from...
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    First injection... beginner

    I hit the glute today, no bleeding or pain. I think I'll stick to that site for a while since my shoulder is just getting back to normal.
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    First injection... beginner

    should I just train through it and pin my butt next time? I'm supposed to inject again tomorrow.
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    First injection... beginner

    So I injected 1 cc of sustain 250 and .5 of EQ into my belt to start my first cycle, now my shoulder is swollen and pretty tender... It's been 4 days now. It's not like I need to go to the hospital but any beginner advice would be appreciated... where to go from here? I need to be able to train...
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