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    Some Thyroid and PED questions

    So my TRT doc put me on Armour Thyroid 2 Grain (9mcg T3, 38mcg T4 per grain), because my Free T3 and Free T4 were both borderline bottom. Questions: 1. Would bumping up my dose help during a cutting phase (if so how much)? I ask because people talk about straight T3 dosages but not on these...
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    Anastrozole Question

    Ok, so a bit of a hypothetical here, just best guess answer. Let's say you blast 300mg of Test Cyp and 200mg of deca on Sunday and Wednesday (So 600mg Test and 400mg Deca a week). For anastrozole would you take a 1 mg tablet on Monday and on Thursday (So 2mg total for the week)? (Could just...
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    MK 677 and Fasting

    Planning to use 12.5mg of MK 677 in the morning and 12.5 in the late afternoon (before bed). I have read some say that it doesn't matter if you eat around the time your take it. I have heard others say you want to be fasting for an hour before taking and an hour after taking it. Which is it...
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    Winstrol After Blast?

    So for instance after i finish my trt cruise CUT I could runk MK677 for a while and it wouldn't be considered "blasting" again
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    Winstrol After Blast?

    Ok. So just nail down my diet and cardio and grind it out. Any suggestions on forums or articles I could read into that talk about cutting while cruising? I know that when I cut naturally, I had to be extremely careful and slow with my diet and cardio to try and avoid that catabolic realm of...
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    Winstrol After Blast?

    Im about to go on a ~12-14 week long bulking blast of 600mg Test Cyp/week and 400mg Deca/week. After this I plan to drop down 150-200mg test Cyp/week and 50-100mg Deca/week (joint helath). When I drop back down to my cruising dosage I plan to start cutting. Can I immediatly jump back in with a...
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