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    3rd cycle thoughts and comments

    always nova and clomid, i haven't included it yet because i don't have it right now, but I am going to get clomid and do 150/150/100/100 Also, what would be a good DA to run with the progestin(19nor)?
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    3rd cycle thoughts and comments

    I am 21 years old / 172 pounds / 11% bf / 5'7 I have done a couple cycles in the past but they have been very simple and always with proper pct. I am doing a 12 week cycle with the following (Currently on the 3rd day): - Test E 400mg/week (weeks 1-12) - Anadrol 100mg/ED (weeks 1-5) - Tren Ace...
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    3rd Cycle Thoughts and comments

    First of all, I've decided to go through with this cycle no matter what. I am only posting this because some vets might know a better way to design a during and post cycle therapy to recover with minimal side effects. Thats one of the things I never really understood. My stats: Age: 21 Height...
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