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    Auction - Memorial Day Summer Shred

    Ey phur. Mailbox full
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    May sale pp

    Yo PP, inbox is full
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    Phurious Summer Shredz Sale!

    Yo Phurious, your inbox is full :p
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    Aromasin dose

    Ah i see bro
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    Aromasin dose

    So PE's old aro isnt 25mg?
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    height growth PLEASE HELP

    Nice one. But i was more interested about the internal damage. Hehe. I know accutane is pure shit.. luckely never had acne probs
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    Aromasin dose

    Yo guys I see on your new site the dosage on the liquid aro is 15mg/ml. So it's not 25mg/ml as it used to be or just a typo?
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    GW Dosing at night time

    It shuldt have any effect on sleep pattern as it is not a stimulant. It raises VO2 MAX. Probably why you should dose at morning time on none training days so you can get the most out of it.
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    Dbol and nutrition

    W.. t.. f.. 53kg? How tall are you?
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    height growth PLEASE HELP

    When you say internally, what do you mean exactly?
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    Phurious Pharma

    They whent threw :)
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    Phurious Pharma

    Yo Phur, are you getting my pm's?
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    SARMS X is now live!! Please Read!

    The liquidaro, is it a typo or have they dosed it down from 25mg to 15mg/ml?
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    Best steroid and best SARM?

    No love for eq guys? Deff eq and gw for me. Still havnt tried deca or primo though..
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    Always a pleasure

    Will do my man!
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    Sarms in EU

    Verry fast ;)
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    Hygetropin HGH?

    If you ask for a pricelist on there " contact " page, youll recive one. They also have an offical reseller website
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    Always a pleasure

    I have no doubt in my mind that it's pure A quality shit! Always is with PE! Nice to have AI's in liquid form to. Dial that estrogen control in to perfection!
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    brand new pose: the DG

    Now let's make it one of the mandatory poses! Lol. " .. front double biceps.. Side chest..The Dylan Gemelli "
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