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    3rd cycle advice

    Thanks for the solid advice!
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    3rd cycle advice

    Hey Dylan just wondering if I kept everything the same but used Sus 250 instead would that be okay and would you change anything up or would you just stick with prop? Just asking because I’ve only ever used Sustanon.
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    PharmaLady still around?

    Just wondering if this source was still around hadn’t seen much talk of them.
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    New & Need Advice.

    Any good sources you have for blood test?
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    New & Need Advice.

    It’s was and like I said I was new at it. Know a lot more now but still would appreciate some advice. I ran 350/375mg per week. So nothing too crazy.
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    New & Need Advice.

    Suggested 2nd Cycle? ADVICE: for second cycle. It’s been one year since I did just a SuS 250 cycle for about 10 weeks @ 350/375mg per week followed by Nolvadex. Wanting to do another cycle with test as the baseline and maybe adding one new thing. ADVICE: source I was gonna use possibly...
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    Welcome/Introduction Thread

    New here first time on today. Interested in learning as much as I can and doing this the right way so wanting good advice from experienced individuals. 26yrs old 6’2 210lbs. Ran just one cycle a year ago of test 375mg weekly. Looking for advice on my next cycle.
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