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    Steroidify Coupon Code!

    Send me order info please.
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    Test, Tren and Anadrol

    I had to cut Tren out. Couldn’t get any size gains, only strength. Test and anadrol with some deca works best for me
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    Natural test booster to go along with pct

    Has anyone tried hcg with test on a weekly regimen? I have been seeing research on taking small amounts to preserve natural body production. Mine was naturally low to start with.
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    Welcome/Introduction Thread

    Hello, I’m new here. 6 1 208. Looking for some good advice instead of the bunk I usually get. I’m 41 and been lifting 9 years. I’m on a regimen of 200 cip and anastazole once a week. Looking to grow my lower body to match my upper body. I guess I’m not eating enough. 2300 calories and 200...
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