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    Everyone chime in!!!!

    test only! first cycle gains are the best you will ever have! feed them! plus mast is a more advanced compound
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    heard nothing but good stuff. will problably look into this more once i decide my next blast and get from him thanks for info
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    To PCT or to TRT

    TRT for sureee
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    BGS New product line Oils and Orals

    very interested. will shoot a PM soon mate
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    choose iron over gold

    Silver or lead? -Pablo Escobar ...narcos
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    What to do with a compromised pack!

    best part of USPS? felony to open without consent, LE cant open it and so forth. The reason they find out your being mailed illegal stuff? the sounds when they shake it, any leaks or rips in the package. alot of it depends on packaging. with millions of items being processed anything that leaks...
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    How to get rid out of acne?

    Just used my nizoral on my shoulders and back. Couldn't believe the effects, I tried a bunch of different Otc products but nothing cleared it faster than my nizoral shampoo.
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    Shut up and take my money! "As seen on TV, great product great price" -typical gearhead comment
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    Express Domestic Touchdown

    Very impressed. Shipping was perfect very discreet and fast! 2 days it took! Everything went smooth and was great. Ordered some test and came through wonderfully so far had no PIP and I pinned quads with them, which I usually get PIP there. Great stuff this far and great source. Well done lads
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    I've had shedding, a lot lately. I'm currently using 2% nizoral and I know it's not enough. I'm gonna try and get on fina low dosage to minimize sides of they occur. I'm sure you lads have heard the stories that go along with fina. I'm curious to know, what are your guys thoughts on hair loss...
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    Robolics Products Pics

    Love the names. Always heard good things about robo as well #RoboTren
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    What are you listening to when you train?

    Trance around the worlddddd
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    Another lost bro

    Welcome mate I just came here as well
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    injections diagrams for noobs

    Took me 2 hours the other day to finally do my quads. Literally had the pin next to my leg for a good 5 minutes just paused lol. I had done it before but pulled out because I hit a nerve and it was really uncomfortable so I never injected there again. But now it's all I do when done correctly :o
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    best pre workout you have ever tried?

    I used many, I've always enjoyed yok3d or any no2 preworkout. I like yok3d on bicep days, has my arms looking like maps with all the veins lol
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    Hey lads, I'm a refugee from a few sites, mainly the biased! I wanted to come to a completely unbiased website. At first I thought it was evo and loved it for a few months. That is until I saw every damn post had something that referred them to buy n2 products or that damn shit. I also...
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